Advantages of Using Plastic Containers

Advantages of Using Plastic Containers

When you think of plastic containers, flimsy mass-produced packaging often comes to mind. Bright brand labels and cheap materials don’t give you much of a choice in aesthetics and often clash with your thoughtful design scheme. However, you do have options when it comes to plastic. 

Reusable plastic containers are a more mindful design choice that lets you take advantage of the benefits of plastic containers without being tied to something that doesn’t fit your aesthetic.


When you buy soap, lotion, or other products in plastic containers, there’s often no good way to refill these bottles. But not all plastic bottles are as cumbersome to refill as the ones on supermarket shelves. Multi-use plastic bottles are refillable, meaning that ultimately you cut down on how often you throw away plastic waste. 

Heavy-duty reusable plastic bottles are also more economical than single-use plastic bottles. Many of your favorite soap and lotion brands make refill pouches that cost significantly less per ounce than soap and lotion packaged in dispensers meant to be disposable. These packages also cut down on plastic waste, because you’re buying them less frequently. To ensure that even less is wasted, use a silicone or metal funnel to refill your reusable plastic bottles.


Reusable plastic bottles are a great option for the decorator on any budget. A well-made and well-designed reusable plastic bottle looks luxurious and can easily be incorporated into any bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room decor scheme. They are less expensive than glass bottles, and still look just as elegant . They can look just as sophisticated as glass, especially if you personalize them.  

Additionally, if you have an office or small business, you might want to consider reusable plastic containers for the soap in your bathroom. If multiple people are sharing and using this space, regular store-bought bottles will run out even quicker. But if you’re using reusable plastic bottles, you can refill them from wholesale liquid soap containers that are much more economical to buy. You can even put your business’s logo right on the bottle for an extra-polished touch. 



There’s no limit to what you can put in a reusable plastic container. Our reusable plastic bottles come with a number of pre-made label options, including labels for hand wash, dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, body wash, body lotion, face wash, and hand sanitizer. But if you’ve got other ideas about what you’d like in your bottle, you can put a custom label on the bottle identifying its contents. 

Styling Plastic Containers

A plastic container can look extremely stylish and beautiful when you take the time to make thoughtful decisions about its design. At The Polished Jar, we know that elegant design options can elevate your household accessories and let them help your home feel more like a personal sanctuary. We have many design options for our reusable plastic containers that can help them fit perfectly into your home. 

For an abundantly luxurious feel, our Signature or Monogram collections will fit right into your bathroom or kitchen design. If you’ve got bohemian chic decor, our Desert Terra collection, illustrated with an elegant cactus, might fit right in with a little botanical flair. If you’re a fan of the white and gold design trend, the label tags of the Avery collection may be calling to you. And if you’ve fallen in love with the vintage farmhouse look, the elegant lines and herbal-inspired design of our French Modern collection can help tie your sink accessories to the rest of your kitchen or bathroom. 


Of course, if you really want to make your reusable plastic containers stand out and look uniquely yours, you can always customize them to your satisfaction. 

Customizing Your Containers

While all of our containers have customizable labels, our Monogram collection gives you the most control over what your label says. This is the perfect way to totally personalize your new reusable containers, and these bottles make an incredible gift for newlyweds who might want to show off their brand new combined monogram. If you have a business to promote or a design motif you want to replicate on your bottles’ label, our Signature option even lets you put your own logo on the label

Your plastic container options extend past the label as well. We offer four different colors for the main body of the container and have nine different pump hardware color options– as well as a plain cap, a mister, and a sprayer option. This makes it possible to create a set of bottles that coordinate with each other, giving your accessories a polished, uniform look. 

At the Polished Jar, our goal is to help you make your home feel like a sanctuary designed just for you. All of our products are chosen with you in mind, and we know that you’ll love the way they look and perform for years to come.

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