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Indulge in the unmistakable luxury of a mountain spa experience with our newest collection.

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Soap That Works Flawlessly With Our Pumps

This specially-made liquid soap formula is crafted with a thoughtfully selected blend of plant-based ingredients to provide a luxurious and gentle experience while being environmentally conscious. The best part is this formulation works flawlessly with The Polished Jar pumps. 

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In Our Final Farewell

January 31st marks the end of the Minimalist Collection, one of our oldest & original designs.

Each features a sleek, modern font with your choice of label. Choose from our collection of classic labels or customize with your own.

Snag yours before they disappear for good.


Personalized Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Designed to give your home a wonderfully consistent aesthetic, The Polished Jar brings together a stunning array of soap and lotion dispensers for the kitchen and bathroom, created to blend in perfectly with your home’s decor. Choose from a wide range of personalization and custom bottle options with both glass soap dispensers and plastic bottle designs available. Each comes ready to fill with your favorite soaps, lotions, and conditioners for a cohesive look and feel throughout your home.

Add Your Logo

Creating a custom label for your company conveys the significance of your brand. Choose between glass or plastic soap dispensers and awe your customers by adding your unique logo to a custom hand soap bottle or shampoo & conditioner dispenser.

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