6 Small Kitchen Ideas for Decorating After a Remodel
When you remodel your kitchen, it’s like a blank canvas. There’s an art to decorating your kitchen; you want it to feel fresh and contemporary while matching your personal aesthetic. You also need it to be functional; your decoration can do double duty and serve a purpose in the kitchen in addition to looking beautiful. When you have finished a kitchen remodel, you have been given a unique opportunity to totally refresh your decor.
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Tips for a Minimalist Home Transformation in 2023
Minimalism is a home decor style that’s becoming increasingly popular these days. People love it for its clean lines and clutter-free aesthetic. It is a design philosophy that involves living with only the things that you absolutely need. Here are some of our best tips for how to decorate a minimalist home.
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Simple Fall Cleaning Tips
After the fast-paced in-and-out activity of Summer, Fall is a wonderful time to relax and recenter yourself by reorganizing and cleaning your home. While many people associate deep cleaning with Spring, Fall cleaning is just as important. You’ll be spending more time indoors, and you may even be welcoming friends and loved ones home for the holidays. 
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