4 Elegant Ideas to Level Up a Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom

4 Elegant Ideas to Level Up a Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom

When you’re reinventing your space, you want a style that fits your tastes, but you also want something that’s trendy. You don’t want to redecorate to accommodate the “latest” and “greatest” trends, because those will inevitably fade, and you’ll be left with an outdated setup. Fortunately, the vintage farmhouse style is a timeless interior design choice.

Bathroom remodels are particularly tricky, because there’s a lot to consider. You’re likely to spend plenty of money completely gutting and redoing a bathroom, but you don’t have to. Even small touches of farmhouse decor can really bring together a space.

The Polished Jar knows all about this vintage aesthetic. It’s a sustainable ideal, which recalls simpler times. Farmhouse-inspired spaces tend to focus on a neutral color palette, and small touches add the pops of life that provide visual spice.

So, join us as we dish out four amazing ideas that you can use to elevate your modern farmhouse bathroom into a gorgeous powder room using home decor.

1. Use Reclaimed Wood

For an authentic farmhouse feel, you want to take full advantage of the beauty of nature. Reclaimed wood has become a hot commodity, and gorgeous bits of old lumber are starting to find their way onto the consumer market. Often sold in large planks or boards, these rustic beams can be cut down and hewn into beautiful accent pieces and vintage decor.

With a bit of ingenuity and craftsmanship, you can turn a dusty old block of wood into a gorgeous shelf. Skilled artisans even specialize in creating furniture that’s made from reclaimed wood.

If you don’t have a woodworker on hand, that’s okay. The Polished Jar has plenty of amazing artists at our studio, and we produce high-quality sustainable wood products.

One of our most popular items is our gorgeous acacia wood Charlotte Tray, which is perfect for organizing and storing your bathroom essentials. For a more vibrant spin on the vintage farmhouse look, there’s our Spice Island Bamboo Tray. If you really want to mix stuff up, check out our Soho Sponge + Soap Tray combo, which blends the natural beauty of bamboo with the durable timelessness of marble.

2. Embrace Craftsmanship

While we’re talking about artisanal skills, we can’t skip over one of the biggest differences between modern and vintage items. Today, many products are easy to break and just as easy to replace. In the days that inspired the modern farmhouse aesthetic, people bought things that lasted. Items weren’t meant to be tossed when they went “out of style”, and durability was a key issue.

At The Polished Jar, we understand this core tenant of lasting craftsmanship. That’s why everything we make and sell is meant to last. With the right care and attention, our products will last you a lifetime.

Even the smallest touches of true quality craftsmanship make a huge difference. Instead of having a cheap plastic soap dish, consider our gorgeous ceramic Olympia Sponge + Soap Tray. Likewise, our durable Avery Ceramic Tags are great ways to elevate your bathroom’s organization.

3. Look for Multifunctional Decor

Another key part of life in the past was the versatility of many items. A clean sponge tray may be used to rest a knife, a fruit basket may be used to hold dry laundry, and a tray could be used as a shelf once dinner has been served.

When you’re shopping for your vintage-inspired bathroom, think about all of the creative ways that you can use an item. Our gorgeous Alabaster Tray doesn’t have to be defined by its ability to hold our wide range of gorgeous glass soap dispensers. It can also be used as a spot for storing jewelry as you shower, or you can use it to display flowers. Our timeless Botanical Ring Dish can accommodate a beautiful bauble just as easily as it holds your valuables.

All of that is the long way of saying something simple: think outside the box!

4. Grab Some Glassware

Finally, while you’re filling your vintage bathroom with small touches that make a huge difference, you shouldn’t overlook one of the most timeless materials: glass. From windows to cups, glass has been a fixture of human life for a long time. That’s why it never looks out of place.

At The Polished Jar, we offer a range of gorgeous refillable plastic dispensers for soaps, lotions, and oils. These are amazing ways to cycle out those unsightly generic bottles, and we even offer Custom Engraving and label services.

Don’t forget to pick up some funnels to make your life easier, too. You’ll need a Silicone Funnel for thick soaps and lotions, while our Stainless Steel Funnel is great for thin soaps and oils.

Are you still looking for even more interior design tips? Drop by our blog and check out all of our posts, and don’t forget to keep your eyes on our sales.

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