Outdated Kitchen Trends to Avoid When You Remodel

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If you’re planning to remodel your outdated kitchen, it’s worth knowing which design trends are declining in popularity. Designs regularly go in and out of style, so your kitchen remodel will look all the better if you design it to match the times. Let’s go over a few of the most outdated styles to avoid in your kitchen renovation, as well as a few popular styles to use instead.

Outdated Kitchen Design Trends

Though an outdated kitchen trend isn’t the end of the world in your home, it’s nice for your interior design to be with the times. These are some of the most common outdated kitchen design trends that you may want to change during your remodel.

All-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens were popular for quite some time due to their simplicity, and they came into style around the same time as many other minimalist design trends. While they’ve outlived most of those other trends, it seems like they’ll finally be on the decline going into 2023. Many homeowners and interior designers find white monochrome designs to be harsh and boring, and have instead shifted their interests to more colorful designs. As such, dual and tri-tone color schemes are making their way into the spotlight of kitchen design.

Update your all-white kitchen with a pop of color and accessories.

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Open Shelving

Open shelving has been going in and out of style for quite some time now, so it’s tough to say whether or not they’re completely outdated. As of right now, however, the practicality of closed shelving seems to be favored over the aesthetic appeal of open shelving. It’s ultimately up to personal preference, but you may want to weigh your options while you’re remodeling your kitchen.

Distressed Cabinets

Kitchen design trends are shifting to favor chic, modern elements, especially when it comes to cabinet finishes. This contrasts previous trendy finishes like distressed cabinets, and these previously trendy designs will likely clash with a newly-renovated kitchen. Ultimately, the key here is to match your cabinets with your kitchen’s aesthetic as a whole.

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Dark Wood

Like open shelving, dark wood elements seem to shift in popularity often but are becoming less and less relevant in 2023. Many people feel that darker color schemes make a room feel smaller, more cramped, and less welcoming than a lighter aesthetic. Making good use of a room’s lighting will greatly improve your kitchen’s general environment, and lighter wood elements tend to help.

Current Trends with Long-Lasting Appeal

Knowing which design elements to avoid, let’s go over a few elements that are currently in style. Though using free creative expression is always the best way to go, each of these trends will give you an excellent place to start from.

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Add a Touch of Color

In contrast to the previously mentioned monochrome designs, try adding one or two additional colors. Even a small amount of color can go a long way, bringing character and personality to your kitchen’s environment. A colorful environment works especially well in a large kitchen with a kitchen island, allowing you to choose a darker countertop finish for contrast. Whether you want a simple design with complementary colors or to spice things up with a contrasting palette, your kitchen will be better for it. 

Of course, this color doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of the kitchen itself. It can also come from decor pieces like our multicolored silicone bottle sleeves, Concrete sponge and soap tray, and Sienna sponges, giving a bit of extra flexibility and creative freedom to you and your interior designer.

Lighter Color Scheme

Though we touched on lighter color schemes earlier, they’re worth revisiting in a bit more detail. Lighter color schemes are often seen as cozier and more welcoming than the alternative and interact well with many lighting elements. If you’re after an extremely cozy vibe, try using a light wood finish in tandem with warm-colored decor like our Penelope hand towel as well as some gentle lighting.

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Overall Chic Vibe

By far one of the most popular kitchen design trends right now is the chic aesthetic as a whole. While it’s simple and avoids being overwhelming, it’s distinct from the minimalist aesthetic as well. Rather than commit fully to minimalism or maximalism, the chic aesthetic is all about picking finishes and decor pieces with intent and precision, ensuring that there aren’t any more or any fewer elements than what is necessary. Many of our products like our Obsidian tray and our Laurel tray lend themselves well to this aesthetic, carrying a personality that’s noticeable but doesn’t overwhelm the room. 

When you’re renovating your kitchen, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we at The Polished Jar do everything we can to provide you with unique, high-quality decor designed to last for years to come. If you’re ready to get decorating, feel free to visit our shop today.

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