Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

The Polished Jar Hand Towel With Wood Tray, Dish Brushes and Soap Dispenser

It may seem a long way away, but Spring is closer than you think! Soon, remnants of winter will thaw and it will be time to start the annual ritual of spring cleaning. As daunting as that task may be, there are many ways to make it easier and simpler. The Polished Jar carries products that will help you organize and clean your kitchen this year and keep it looking and feeling fresh for years to come.

Rethink Organization

Most people think of home organization as a cut-and-dry system of grouping things together. Depending on how messy your kitchen has gotten, this may seem like an involved process of completely clearing everything out and reorganizing it. However, that’s not always true. Sometimes, all you need to do is make a few small changes.

To begin: a good ring tray, such as our gorgeous Botanical Ring Dish or our timeless natural Wood Ring Dish,  provides the perfect spot to place  valuables  during clean up.

In addition to preventing the dreaded “losing your wedding band down the drain” scenario, these petite platforms provide the perfect place for plopping pennies. Our White + Gold Ring Dish is specifically designed to hold baubles in its outer tray.

By creating a specific place to leave your miscellaneous pocket findings, you essentially create a catch-all. Instead of finding strange baubles throughout your kitchen during the spring, you can, instead, easily sort through each week’s pocket treasures at your convenience and discard items as needed.

Make Your ‘Things’ Accessible

Another common organizing misconception is that everything should be neatly hidden away. As lovely as those magazine photos of pristine countertops may be, they simply aren’t practical! You have items that you’ll use every day, —soaps, towels, cleaning supplies, and dishes, to name a few—and having them in an easy-to-reach spot is important.

While many stores offer cleaning supplies, such as brushes and sponge trays, many of these aren’t very nice to look at. The Polished Jar noticed this problem, and we came up with solutions. Our hand-picked products are crafted to be as functional and durable as they are beautiful.

Some of our functional works of art include our Essex Brush and the charming little Pot Scrub Brush, which also includes a matching tray. Even your sponge can be beautified! We offer a variety of multi-use soap or sponge trays, such as our porcelain honeycomb and Sonoma designs. When your supplies are as gorgeous as our Bedford Brush, an organized kitchen doesn’t need to be a barren kitchen.

Refresh Your Storage

One of the biggest challenges with any space in the home, but especially the ever-busy kitchen, is storage. From pantries of food to cleaning supplies, there’s an unending parade of things to sort and organize. If you find yourself constantly dreading the task of reorganizing your kitchen, then it might be time to invest in some better storage solutions.

The Polished Jar’s personalized line of glass soap bottles and plastic soap pump dispensers come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy for them to fit in with any decor. Unlike store-bought dispensers, these storage solutions are elegant and reusable. This makes cleaning easy and beautiful.

For the eco-conscious, a reusable soap dispenser (or two) also cuts down on the amount of waste you generate. Armed with a personalized glass soap bottle, you can easily drop by your local no waste vendor and fill your supply directly, avoiding wasteful plastic bottles entirely.

Polish Your Cleaning Supplies

In addition to our signature luxury soap dispenser, The Polished Jar also produces gorgeous trigger sprayers. Available in both glass and plastic, these handy items come with all of the same benefits as our pump dispensers. Their customization options allow for them to seamlessly blend with any decor, while our Silicone Bottle Sleeves

With their simple beauty, these trigger sprayers can be displayed in plain view without fear of judgment. This is perfect for busy households that see a great deal of heavily used products. Instead of having to hide that unsightly store-bought bottle of countertop disinfectant, you can pour it into one of these gorgeous bottles and allow it to sit out, where it will be easy for everyone to access and use as needed.

The Polished Jar Trigger Spray Bottle Dispensers

Prioritize Function

As clean and refined as an empty minimalist countertop may be, it’s not always functional. When organizing your kitchen (or any space in your home), remember to keep everything you frequently use in easy-to-reach spots. Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to find something, and even the most organized spaces can fall prey to this if they aren’t built with function in mind.

Fortunately, The Polished Jar is here to help. Our products are handpicked for their beauty and function, meaning you’ll never again have to worry about hiding essential products. If you’re ready to start your spring cleaning a little early, drop by our shop and check out our offerings!

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