How To Make Your Home Feel Abundantly Luxurious

How To Make Your Home Feel Abundantly Luxurious

Your home is your castle, and like any castle, it deserves to be decorated with limitless luxury. We love plush furnishings, dramatic lighting effects, and elegant little touches that evoke the feeling of indulgence! All you need for a little luxury is some thoughtful decorating decisions

There are plenty of ways to make your home luxurious, and luxurious bedrooms and living rooms have long been a staple of interior design. But as we embrace the trend of expansive luxury, it’s time to start thinking about other areas of the house. From kitchen designs to laundry room ideas, here are some ways to make these less-loved spaces just as luxe as any other room in your home.

The Luxurious Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are almost a sacred space for many of us. You often start and end your day there, taking care of yourself and getting ready for the next phase of your day. Your bathroom should reflect that level of self-care! Some easy ways to create a luxury bathroominclude upgrading your bathroom textiles and sink-top accessories. You don’t want to invite clutter, so some well-made organization baskets or other storage solutions can make the space seem more elegant. For the accessories you do leave out, sleek, elegant trays can help keep your sink or vanitynicely organized. Customized touches, like our elegant refillable shampoo dispensers, are also a quick and easy way to make your bathroom feel luxurious.

If you’re renovating and like the idea of leaning into luxury, adding a soaking tub is a great way to make your space feel palatial. You can also extend the tiling from your shower across the wall for a look that’s cool, modern, and still luxurious. Features like faux marble sink and countertops (which are more durable than real marble and visually indistinguishable from the real thing) and custom cabinetry are other ways to bring grandeur into the bathroom.

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The Luxurious Kitchen 

You can go all out with luxury kitchen design; the luxury kitchen has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you’re thinking about renovating, a granite or quartz-topped kitchen island might be the centerpiece of your luxury decor. But you don’t have to renovate to introduce luxury to your kitchen! There are plenty of luxury kitchen features that can give your kitchen a lavish look without having to make big structural changes. 

Accessories in white and gold look elegant and refined and rejuvenate any space. Swapping out your cabinet doors for elements that include smoked glass is an option, or you can repaint the cabinets in rich tones– or even change out the drawer pulls for ornate hardware in gold tones, which are warmer and more inviting than commonly-used stainless steel or cast iron hardware. Deluxe hand towels are another element of kitchen decor that can bring new life and new elegance to your kitchen! 

The area around your sink is another place you can add simple luxury. Once you know how you want to organize that space, you can choose lovely decor pieces that have an organizational function and look simply beautiful. Kitchen organization doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to hide all your stuff away for a luxury look! Choose pretty pieces, like our customized glass soap bottles and even your organizers can contribute to your kitchen’s opulent atmosphere.

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The Luxurious Laundry Room

We know what you’re thinking: a luxury laundry room? For most people, laundry rooms are utilitarian spaces. They’re home to the washer and dryer, the ironing board, maybe your sewing supplies– but laundry rooms have the potential to be so much more

One easy way to luxe out your laundry room is to enhance the natural light in the space. Laundry rooms are often small, and to make yours seem less cramped, you can decorate using light, neutral tones with splashes of metallic gold or other bright colors. You can use textured wallpaper for a relatively easy way to bring visual interest into the room, or even tile the walls. And don’t forget the little accents that can help transform your laundry room. Metal and glass go great together when choosing decor pieces, for example. Elegant accents go a long way towards making the laundry room feel less functional and more like a luxurious part of your home.

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What Does Luxury Mean To You?

When you think luxury, do you envision something ultra-chic and modern, or do you favor classic, antique-inspired decor? The aesthetics of luxury are unique to each person and their living space. Luxury is more of an idea- the idea of embracing ultra-high quality and thoughtful design. What makes something luxurious isn’t how much it costs; it’s the care taken in its creation and design. 

At the Polished Jar, we know what it means to embrace the idea of luxury and incorporate it into your home. Luxurious design is about finding what makes you feel a sense of beauty and wonder and then applying those principles to your home. By blending form and function, your home can be just as luxurious as you could ever imagine!

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