Easy Ways to Level Up Your Bathroom Decor Without Remodeling

Have you ever wanted to give your bathroom a makeover but don’t have the time, energy, or resources for a complete remodel?

Or maybe you’re renting, so you don’t have much say in the design of your space -- and in most cases, you definitely don’t have the option to remodel, even if you want to!

Whatever the reason, not all of us have the ability to start from scratch on our bathrooms. But, bathroom envy is real! Visiting fancy hotels, seeing pictures of the bathrooms in the homes of celebrities online, and even checking out your friends and family’s bathrooms can all make you feel like your bathroom isn’t up to everyone else’s standards. All of these bathrooms can feel so much more luxurious and elegant than your own.


Modern White Bathroom Space Decorated With Golden Accessories and Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers


So, how do you bring some of that luxury and elegance into your own bathroom -- without the expense and hassle of a remodel?

You don’t have to invest in a complete redo of your bathroom to make it feel fresh and flawless. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple additions and changes to make your bathroom feel brand new! 

7 Tips for Leveling Up Your Bathroom Decor

  1. Add new towels

Did you know that bath towels lose most of their absorbency every two years? Not only should you regularly replace your towels so that you continue to get that warm and fluffy feeling when you step out of the shower, but switching out your towels can make your bathroom feel rejuvenated.

Go for a different color, pattern, or design you’ve never chosen before. You have to look at your towels hanging there every day, so you’ll be amazed at how something so simple can completely transform the feel of your bathroom!


Modern White Bathroom Space Decorated With Black Accessories and Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers
Image Credit @practical.designs on IG
  1. Replace your rugs and bathmats

Similarly, rugs and bathmats can get worn out and icky pretty quickly, so swap them out from time to time. Match them to your towels or choose an alternate design altogether. Choose a fluffy rug for a bathroom that invites you in to get warm and cozy. Or go with a sleek, modern mat for the more minimalist style bathroom.

  1. Choose a different style for each bathroom


If you’re lucky enough to have multiple bathrooms, try going with a different style or design for each so that you never get bored! If you have children, make one bathroom the kids bathroom and the other the grown-up bathroom! 


Modern Luxurious White Bathroom Space Decorated With Golden Accessories and Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers

Image Credit @melissaroberstinteriors on IG


You can even pick your decor based on who the bathroom is for. For example, plastic bottle soap dispensers for the kids (no risk of breaking!), and sleek, elegant glass soap bottle dispensers for the adults!


  1. Add some decorative items


Bathrooms don’t have to be bare and minimalist. You can add simple decorations without losing the functionality of the space or adding unnecessary clutter. 


 Two The polished Jar Ring Dishes on a White Bathroom Tray Next to A Clear Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser


You might try adding a gorgeous ring dish to your vanity or even a clean, modern bathroom tray to your sink or shower to hold your soaps. Little touches like this add subtle elegance to your bathroom, while also serving a purpose so you don’t have to feel like any space is wasted!  


  1. Enjoy some plants or flowers


Most of us want to display our houseplants or fresh flowers out where everyone can see them. But, did you know you can even put a plant in your shower and enjoy some amazing health benefits? Adding a plant to your bathroom can be the best way to make your home feel like a spa.


Modern White Bathroom Space Decorated With Golden Accessories and Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers


Even just dressing up your counter or sink with the occasional bouquet of flowers or a low maintenance houseplant who loves humidity will spruce up your bathroom nicely and make it feel more stylized and fully decorated.


  1. Adorn the walls


One of the best ways to level up your bathroom decor is to make sure the walls have something on them! Find some simple art that compliments your decor and color palette to really tie the room together. 


Think about what kind of feeling you want the room to have -- are you wanting to bring the spa home with you? Do you spend a lot of time relaxing in your bathroom? Or do you just need it to be simple and functional? 


Modern Bathroom Space Decorated With Wall Decor, Accessories and Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers

Image Credit @myrusticmodernliving on IG


Let this guide your choices, but get something up there! Nothing makes a room feel emptier or less finished than blank walls.


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