7 Stylish Soap Dispenser & Tray Options for Any Home

7 Stylish Soap Dispenser & Tray Options for Any Home

Everyone’s home is different, and your design choices and aesthetic are uniquely yours. Your home is a reflection of the things you cherish and the things that comfort you, and you deserve to have items in your home that reflect these values. 

At The Polished Jar, we specialize in finding these perfect items that will add that certain something to your home. Our collections of reusable, sustainable soap dispensers and the accessories that can accompany them are perfect fits for anybody’s kitchen. 

1. The Boho Chic Kitchen

If your design tendencies tend towards swirling colors and visual interest, you might just have a boho-chic kitchen. You have a free spirit and your eye delights in eclectic objects, warm colors, and an array of materials. You love a touch of whimsy and bringing in design elements that remind you of stories, travel, and far-flung adventures. Bring a touch of old-world wonder to your kitchen with an engraved amber glass soap dispenser and a fun textured pedestal.

2. The Elegant Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse chic is all about coziness and the interplay of rustic beauty with contemporary design sensibilities. If you have an elegant farmhouse kitchen, the space will feel warm and comfortable without feeling cramped. 

Warm, rustic colors and wooden textural elements bring life to your kitchen and invite you to spend time in a space that is deeply comforting to you. Our French Modern glass bottles sit comfortably between old-fashioned and modern design and will look beautiful next to your kitchen sink when paired with our Hazelnut Speckled Ceramic Tray.

3. The Minimalist Kitchen

Is your kitchen home to clean lines and timeless design? Does your use of light, airy, clean color palettes make even a small space look larger? Are your counters neat and clutter-free, and do you seek out classic architectural elements in your fixtures? If so, you might resonate with a minimalist kitchen

Our reusable plastic soap dispensers from our Minimalist Collection pair perfectly with the sharp lines of a concrete tray. The contrast between curves and angles is brought into harmony with classic silhouettes, making these a perfect pair for a minimalist kitchen.

4. The French Modern Kitchen

Modern French decor is all about elegance, modernism, and sleek lines that make every element in the kitchen look polished. One of the major tenets of modern French design is the contrast between clean lines and bold curves. The sleek curves of our French Modern Collection of glass soap dispensers will look amazing in your Modern French-styled kitchen. 

This design aesthetic also typically features refined materials, such as marble and other types of stone. Our timeless marble Sardinia Tray will look phenomenal on your kitchen counter or next to your kitchen sink. Pair it with a marble soap dish to introduce the contrast of straight lines and your kitchen will look instantly more Parisian.

5. The Organic Kitchen

If a mixture of modern and cozy elements can be found in your kitchen, you may find peace in the organic modern style. This lovely decor scheme combines natural elements like wood and linen with soft neutral colors to create a warm, welcoming space with lots of depth. Organic kitchens gravitate towards sustainable products; reusable glass bottles from our Monogram Collection and the warm acacia wood of our Charlotte Tray can build that sense of timelessness and environmental sustainability.

6. The Classic Kitchen

Classic kitchens are a balance of timeless design and a sense of freshness. They often feature neutral color palettes and simple details that are elegant enough to stand on their own. Classic kitchen design is home to well-appointed storage spaces, so sturdy, reusable plastic bottles from our Signature Collection will feel right at home in this type of kitchen. 

To make your classic kitchen feel cohesive, you might want to introduce some new kitchen sink soap tray ideas, like pairing the modern design of our ceramic Sonoma Soap Tray with the elegant simplicity of a white ceramic bottle tray.

7. The Luxe, Glam Kitchen

If you’re in love with the plush, luxurious feel of modern luxurious abundance, then you need kitchen accessories that are in line with this feeling of indulgence. This means choosing well-chosen, well-designed items that have a timeless sense of opulence through material use and design sensibility. 

Weighty materials like glass and marble feel luxurious to the touch and are delightful to the eye. Our black marble Portico Tray pairs beautifully with reusable glass bottles from our Luxe Collection. You can add a touch more luxury with gold-dipped ceramic bottle tags, too.

Which of these kitchen soap dispenser ideas speaks to you? How does your personal kitchen organization style compare to the kitchens we’ve featured? No matter what your home’s style is, The Polished Jar has a beautiful soap dispenser and bottle tray that will fit right in with your kitchen.

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