10 Accent Ideas for a Boho Chic Kitchen and Laundry Room

10 Accent Ideas for a Boho Chic Kitchen and Laundry Room

Boho design is in in a big way. The look is trendy and fresh, and incorporating boho style into your home’s decor and accents livens up and refreshes the space. The style’s use of eclectic pieces and emphasis on creativity and individuality means that it can be adopted for any space without doing a huge renovation. Instead, free spirits can bring the style’s mix of wanderlust and luxury into their space by being creative with their accents. Even utilitarian spaces like kitchens and laundry rooms can be brought to life with a little boho chic.

1. Warm Up Your Color Scheme

Bohemian color schemes are all about bright, warm colors. Reds, yellows, and oranges are commonly used, as are bright blues and greens. You can introduce more colors through accent pieces like tea towels, which are easy to swap in and out when the mood suits you. 

2. Use Timeless Materials

Natural materials like linen, sisal, and bamboo bring elements of the natural world into your kitchen or laundry room storage. It’s very easy to work these into your decor and accent choices— a bamboo tray, for instance, is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for either space. 

3. Pair Vintage and Modern

The bohemian aesthetic combines vintage and modern looks to create a style that feels timeless and effortless. If you want to achieve this through accents, pick pieces that are inspired by different eras’ aesthetics. You can pair actual vintage pieces with your modern decor without looking dated by picking high-quality pieces that have timeless design elements

4. Celebrate Plants

Connecting with nature is an element of many boho designs. For your bohemian kitchen, consider bringing in plants— either real potted houseplants and herbs or botanical-inspired designs. Fresh herbs planted in glass jars look especially nice in kitchens and are great for cooking, too.

5. Mix and Match Storage

Open shelves are used in a lot of boho kitchen and laundry room designs. For laundry rooms, there might be items you’d rather not have visible or open access— for example, if you have kids, you might not want bleach out on an open shelf. Mixing and matching your storage types is a great way to get that boho look and keep your laundry room both stylish and functional.

6. Play With Texture

Boho design is all about mixing and matching. Contrast is good, so adding new textures to existing spaces can add visual interest and style to the space. This might mean adding a rug or tapestry or choosing accent pieces with visual contrast in their materials. This goes hand-in-hand with the combination of vintage and modern. Lean into the look of vintage textures— a little distressing can go a long way when you’re styling a space with a boho look. 

7. More is More

Boho chic includes a lot of detail, so don’t be afraid to add more to your space. You don’t have to clutter your surfaces; in fact, adding more organization can give you that maximalist appeal while still keeping everything neat and tidy. Trays, pedestals, jars, and other storage options can look chic and stylish. They can also provide space to visually elevate focal objects or design features. Stylish storage means that you can take advantage of more of your space, especially the vertical space. 

8. Add Surprises

Unexpected elements are a cornerstone of boho chic. Laundry rooms are often utilitarian spaces, so adding unexpected decor can help personalize the space and bring out its personality. Adding fun, whimsical elements like old photographs, art, vintage signage, or potted plants can bring new life to your laundry room. Unusual materials like concrete can also add a dash of the unexpected to your accent pieces.

9. Wood is Good

When it comes to bohemian decor, wood reigns supreme. As a natural material, it brings that connection to nature that’s so integral to bohemian sensibilities— and its incredible versatility means that you can incorporate it basically anywhere. Wooden trays, dishes, shelves, storage, and other accent pieces work in any bohemian design scheme. No boho laundry room or kitchen is complete without wood decor.

10. Make It Personal

The bohemian aesthetic is deeply personal and should celebrate your history, travels, and preferences. No two boho-styled rooms will look the same, or use the same products, textures, and materials. That’s the beauty of boho: It celebrates your story.  Don’t be afraid to hold out for that perfect piece that fits precisely with your interpretation of a boho-chic style. 

We are passionate about your space here at the Polished Jar. It’s our mission to bring you the finest and most elegant, expressive home decor and accent options. We know that our pieces will fit in any space and help you elevate your home to be your ideal sanctuary.

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