7 Bespoke Holiday Gift Guides

The Polished Jar Insignia Collection Holiday Soap Dispensers

With the Holiday season coming around once again, there’s a fair chance that you’re starting to consider what gifts to buy. If you’re looking for gift ideas that the recipient is guaranteed to appreciate, we recommend giving home decor pieces. Aside from being visually appealing and useful, these home accessories are perfect for organizing a room elegantly. 

If you’d like a few specific recommendations, keep reading for our full holiday gift guide or shop our gift guides here.

The Finer Things

Gifting someone who appreciates the finer things in life is a simple task with our specially curated home decor gift collection. This collection curates bespoke pieces that combine elegance and customization for those with refined taste.

Our custom monogramed glass soap dispensers offer a unique touch of personalization to any home space, making it a great gift for that someone who enjoys luxurious details. You may pair it with our exclusive alabaster bottle and brush tray for a graceful and modern gift.

Two Clear Glass Monogrammed Bottle Dispensers on Monogrammed Wood Tray

Elevated and Organized

The perfect gifts for someone who appreciates organization and refinement are those that add elegance and help get rid of unnecessary clutter. Our Elevated and Organized gift guide features functional and stylish items that align with their meticulous nature.

Our Signature Collection customizable plastic dispensers will transform any bath space into a tranquil space. These dispensers will create a clean, organized and polished look similar to what you'll find in the finest hotels and resorts.

For the person who loves traveling in style, our Customized Travel Bottle Set will make the perfect companion. Our travel bundle is TSA-compliant and features our three most popular bottle essentials in an elegant travel bag. 

Two amber plastic bottle dispensers

Enhancing Accoutrements

If you want gifts for the home that will both enhance and add the perfect finishing touch, our Enhancing Accoutrements Gift Guide has the ideal choices.

A beautiful and functional item that is often overlooked, but enhances any countertop, is the Botanical Ring Dish. Each ring dish is finely handcrafted with a botanical impression of a leaf found in nature.

Our bottle dispensers paired with the Avery Ceramic Tags make for a stylish and practical gift that will add the perfect touch of luxury to the gift recipient home space.

Bottle dispenser with Avery ceramic tag

Modern & Minimal

For the person who enjoys clean lines and simplicity, the Modern and Minimal gift guide has understated options that honor their aesthetic.

Simple and elegant, a glass soap and lotion dispenser from our Luxe Collection is a modern choice for any home. Each bottle features a vintage inspired classic label that will create a unique look to any countertop.

Complete the classic and minimalist look with an Obsidian Ceramic Tray. This tray will keep the dispensers in their place while adding a crisp and clean minimalist touch.

Bottle dispenser on Obsidian ceramic tray next to dish brushes

Classic and Timeless

For the special person in your life that appreciates classic and timeless home accents, take a look at this curated gift selection. Each unique piece is carefully selected to complement each other and add a cohesive style to the home.

Items such as the Alabaster Bottle and Brush Tray and the Penelope Turkish Hand Towel, are the perfect gift choice for a harmonious and elegant living space.

Amber bottle dispenser on wood tray surrounded by Penelope Turkish towel

Holiday Soap Dispensers

For the more festive friends and family members, our Holiday Glass Soap Dispenser from the Insignia Collection will make the perfect gift. The rich golden amber glass personalized with an elegant monogram and last name makes a lovely hostess gift or present for those who already have everything.

This bottle dispenser color scheme is perfect for neutral-colored bathrooms and kitchens this Holiday season, but its subtle elegance allows it to be used throughout the year. 

Insignia Collection Holiday Bottle Dispensers on Tray

A Personal Touch

Of course, there’s nothing more meaningful than a personalized gift, so we offer custom engravings on several of our glass soap dispensers. From the contemporary farmhouse aesthetic of the French Modern Glass Bottles to the sleek refinement of the Signature Collection Soap Bottles.

The Polished Jar bottle dispensers on bathroom countertop

Gift Bundles

If you want to give an assortment of items as a gift, we recommend you take a look at our carefully curated gift bundles.

Our Trio Set features the Charlotte Tray and three glass bottles from our Signature collection. This soap dispenser and tray set combines the essentials needed for a well-appointed kitchen sink.

The Glass Soap and Lotion Dispenser Set will give any countertop an instant upgrade that will complement any decor style. Customize the look by choosing the glass bottle color.

Both of these gift sets make for excellent holiday gifts that any recipient is sure to love. With high-quality, luxurious home decor items already curated for you as perfect sets, finding the perfect Holiday gifts has never been easier.

Two white bottle dispensers on ceramic tray

No matter the style and taste of the person you are gifting this Holiday Season, we at The Polished Jar. understand the importance of a well-decorated, peaceful home.

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