Impress your guests with the ultimate kitchen and bath accessory – engraved soap dispensers displaying your custom message. Have your family's name, a brief quip, or simply the contents of the bottle engraved on your dispenser. Pair our custom engraved hand soap dispensers with silicone bottle sleeves, or place them on bottle trays to create a stunning presentation.

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    Creating Your Engraved Hand Soap Dispensers

    Enhance the aesthetic of your home with an assist from our engraved hand soap dispensers. It all begins with our white glass dispenser. You choose the color and style of pump you prefer for the type of soap you plan to use (foaming or non-foaming). Let us know the bottle size that will work best in your bathroom or kitchen. Select a descriptive message for your engraved soap dispensers, or let us know what custom message suits your fancy. Once you submit your order, we'll get started creating an amazing accessory for you.

    Engraved soap dispensers from the Polished Jar.
    Custom-engraved soap dispensers from the Polished Jar.

    Why Our Engraved Soap Dispensers Are Best

    Choosing our engraved soap dispensers means investing in quality, style, and personalization. Here's why our customers love them:

    • Personalization: Make your mark with unique engravings that reflect your style. Each dispenser can be customized to showcase your personality and taste.
    • Quality Materials: Our dispensers are crafted from durable glass and designed to withstand daily use while maintaining their elegant appearance.
    • Elegant Designs: Add a sophisticated touch to any room. The sleek design of our engraved dish soap dispensers complements any decor, making them a stylish addition to your home.
    • Versatility: Our dispensers are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and fit seamlessly into any decor. They're functional and aesthetically pleasing, no matter where you place them.
    • Continuity: We have several accessories to enhance your dispensers. For instance, if you're trying to maximize your space, you may opt for our convenient wall mount, which beautifully holds your dispenser in place. And our hand towels for your kitchen and bath perfectly complement the look and feel of these products.

    FAQs: Custom Engraved Soap Dispensers

    Below, we've answered a few common questions about our custom engraved soap dispensers. Please contact us if you'd like more information about these or any of the other dispensers we offer.

    Can All Glass Soap Dispensers Be Engraved?

    Only the white glass bottles can be engraved. All of our other glass and plastic soap dispensers may be customized with labels or printing applied directly to the bottle.

    How Do I Care for My Engraved Dish Soap Dispensers?

    To keep your soap dispensers looking their best, avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners.. By hand washing your dispenser with a gentle cleaner, you ensure it can withstand daily use and maintain its elegance over time.

    Can I Get a Custom Logo Engraved on the Dispensers?

    Yes, select white glass bottles can be engraved with your business logo. On the product page where your glass bottle appears, choose the size you wish and the white bottle color. Once you do this, the "engraved" option will appear with a place to upload your logo artwork. Keep in mind that logos with thick lines and pronounced images work best.

    Bespoke Engraved Soap Dispensers Make a Statement

    Kitchens and bathrooms are instantly refined with bespoke engraved soap dispensers from The Polished Jar. Whether you have your bottle engraved or decide to have your message printed, you'll be pleased with how our dispensers provide the perfect finishing touch to your décor.