Simple Personalized Gifts that Make a Big Impact

Simple Personalized Gifts that Make a Big Impact

Finding just the right present for somebody is a fun challenge. You want to find something unique, something that stands out– you want to find the perfect gift that lets your giftee know how much they mean to you. At the same time, you want to find something useful that they’ll enjoy having around for years to come. 

Personalized gifts are an excellent way to achieve this. Personalization is an often-subtle touch that elevates a gift, making it special and sophisticated. A personalized piece of home decor can bring a fresh, unexpected twist to your giftee’s home aesthetic– whether your gift blends in perfectly or provides a pop of contrast, personalized gifts are amazing for many occasions. 

When Should I Give A Personalized Gift?

There are many occasions where custom gifts are highly appreciated. Whether you need to find a gift for friends or family, these occasions are perfect for gifting customized home accessories.

Happy Housewarming

Personalized decor makes a perfect housewarming gift. It’s exactly the kind of gift that makes a housewarming party special. When people host a housewarming party, it’s an occasion where they want to share their new home with their friends. It’s meant to be a fun, lighthearted occasion that at the same time is very personal.

If you want to get a great housewarming present, customized gifts are just right. The trick is to find a classy, elegant piece that doesn’t clash with the home’s existing decor. You want to find a gift that will fit in with any aesthetic and will actually be used by the homeowners. You could put a gift card on the coffee table and leave it at that– or you could give them something polished and beautiful that they can use forever.


Birthday gifts should be a celebration of the birthday person. It’s their special day, and a customized gift honors just how unique they are. A personalized gift shows that you put time and effort into picking out something that’s just for them. It’s representative of how you feel about them– how much you care and how strong your relationship is that you’d go that extra mile to get something made especially for them. 

A customized gift is fun to open, too– there’s a thrill that comes from seeing your name on a product. You know that nobody else is going to have anything like it, and at the end of the day… that’s pretty fun.

Wedding Showers

When a couple gets married, everybody likes to shower them with gifts. Many of these are custom gifts designed to celebrate the union. A monogram or label with the couple’s identity is a way to honor that joining. 

Houseware is a very popular wedding gift, for many good reasons. Often, the new couple will be moving in with each other in a new space and will need new things to decorate their new home. Home accessories can help a newlywed couple customize their space, and when they see a gift like an engraved bottle with their new monogram on it, they can’t help but smile. 


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas– there are lots of gift-giving holidays on the calendar. Customizing a gift for these days is a way to show your appreciation for the receiver and a way to make their holidays special. A personalized gift is memorable and will be cherished because it will make them think of you every time they use it.

What Should I Customize?

So now that you’re ready to start designing custom gifts, the next question is where to begin. There are lots of things you can order customized, and one type of customized gift that is classic and timeless is home accessories like dispenser jars. Everybody needs a vessel for hand soaps– in fact, most of us need several, at least one for every sink in the house or apartment. 

At the Polished Jar, we specialize in customized dispensers. You can add custom text or logos to the elegant glass or plastic jars in our collection, as well as choose your bottle’s material, size, hardware, and colors. Our design options are classic and timeless; the smooth glass lines and carefully-chosen label typefaces create elegant, functional pieces that integrate into any decor style. Our jars are eco-friendly and reusable, and all of our pieces have been hand selected and tested for quality. 

Customized dispenser jars make an incredible gift on their own, but for extra pizazz, you can pair them with a thoughtfully-chosen companion item. A lovely bottle tray or pedestal will look beautiful and be a functional organizing tool at the same time. 

We believe that giving customized gifts should be as easy as it is thoughtful, and our online design options make creating and ordering personalized gifts a breeze. Our customizable jars are so easy to design and are sure to delight your friends and family.

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