Little Luxuries to Gift Someone Who Deserves a Spa Day

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Do you know somebody who deserves a spa day? Maybe it’s a loved one; perhaps it’s a family member, like your mom. Maybe it’s a teacher, a coworker, or a friend. Or maybe it’s you– shh, we won’t tell anyone. 

The fact is, most of us could use a spa day, and giving someone a gift that helps contribute to a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere in their home bathroom is a great way to show somebody how much you care. You aren’t just giving them bathroom decor, like a new shower curtain or something along those lines– you are actively contributing to their self-care practices and helping them take some time just for them. 

Here are some of our best spa gift ideas that will have your loved one saying “aaaah” and “thank you” in the same breath.


Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses; fragrances can soothe us, relax us, awaken us, and much more. If you know your giftee’s favorite fragrances, scented hand creams, candles, and lotions can help transform their bathroom into a tranquil getaway. If you don’t know their preferences, certain scents are associated with calmness and relaxation. These include lavender, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and rosemary, among others. 

Perfect Products

Skincare and haircare products can be a standout luxury for a spa day experience. Body scrubs, skin and hair oils, whipped soap, and fancy lotions are an important part of the self-pampering experience that a spa day provides. 

Look for products that are made with organic plant material and natural ingredients, especially if your giftee’s wellness practices include a preference for natural products. To elevate these gifts even further, you can include a soap dispenser bottle with a custom label or tag to identify what products are stored inside.

Another option for spa day products are products added to the bath or shower. Bath salts and teas, shower steamers, bubble baths, and bath oils are all great options for a spa-themed gift.

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Mind, Body, and Emotional Self Care

Spa days aren’t just physical; they are an experience that promotes holistic self-care in many different ways. If your giftee already has an established skincare routine, or maybe doesn’t like scented products, you can still encourage a peaceful environment in their home bathroom. 

A fluffy bathrobe or new pair of slippers or a new pouf and exfoliating brush can help encourage some “me time” and comfort. A book encouraging mindfulness, a small water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, and some recommendations for guided meditation in the bath or shower can also contribute to an atmosphere conducive to self-care. 

The Natural Touch

A potted plant can help bring a spa-like quality to any bathroom. Plants can take small, closed spaces and make them feel more natural and vibrant. Plants introduce nature and greenery to any room, making the space feel more inviting and calming. A low-light loving plant like a pothos or snake plant, paired with a pedestal or round tray to place it on, can make your giftee’s bathroom feel more soothing– and can even help improve the air quality.

Make It Easy With A Spa Gift Set

A spa-themed gift box is a perfect gift to jump-start your giftee’s spa day experience. The Polished Jar is happy to help with our spa gift set that contains several little luxuries that will transport your giftee and help them transform their bathroom into the perfect home getaway.

What’s Included

The stars of the show are the three elegant dispenser jars: one for shampoo, one for conditioner, and one for body wash. You can choose the color of the jar and the pump, making this trio truly custom. These eco-friendly reusable dispensers will look amazing in your giftee’s bathroom for years to come, bringing elements of a soothing spa to their decor.

No spa day would be complete without some gentle pampering, and to do that, we have included a pair of wonderfully comfortable tools. A wooden-handled massage brush will bring relief to tired skin; the gentle pressure will improve circulation and make your giftee feel oh-so-good. A ramie pouf will curate luxurious amounts of foam while gently exfoliating. Ramie fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers and is a low-impact renewable resource, so you can indulge even the most eco-conscious giftee.

For a final luxurious touch, we’ve included a bunch of eucalyptus that can be hung in the shower to create therapeutic steam. The leaves will naturally release soothing eucalyptus oil; breathing in eucalyptus steam helps clear the lungs, improves circulation and is said to promote mental motivation, energy, focus, and optimism.

At The Polished Jar, we take pride in finding little luxuries for the special people in your life. Shop our store to find the perfect gift today.

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