How Will You Personalize Your Reusable Soap Dispenser?

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While it can be fun to fully design and personalize something decorative for your home, it can also feel like a little bit of a risk. What exactly will it look like compared to a standard, mass marketed product? Will it be worth the time, effort, and money you put into it? 

When we personalize something, it becomes more personal and meaningful, increasing our expectations and sometimes leading to disappointment.

This can be easily resolved by having a clear expectation of the product you will be receiving. That’s why we’ve completely revamped our website so that the purchase path includes a special preview of exactly what your customized soap dispenser will look like. 

personalized glass bottle soap dispenser on bathroom counter
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That way, there’s no need to mentally visualize what your new and improved bathroom will look like once you add your new dispensers -- you’ll have the evidence right in front of you so you can ensure your new soap dispenser or stylish bathroom tray perfectly matches your decor.

How to Personalize Your New Glass or Plastic Soap Bottle

As an example, let’s take a look at this gorgeous glass dispenser that’s part of our Personalized Signature Collection. The glass bottle dispenser offers just a touch of personalization and comes with your choice of a metal or plastic pump and a waterproof label.

 The Polished Jar-Glass-Bottle-Soap-Dispenser-Black-Gold


Now, personalization sounds nice in theory, but what will it look like when the product is complete?

Once you select your bottle, you’ll be able to customize (and see!) how your customized dispenser will look by following a few simple steps.

#1: Choose Your Soap Dispenser Bottle

You’ll start with the bottle itself, choosing a size and a color. White and black bottle options offer a sleek, modern look, while an amber bottle might fit perfectly into a more rustic styled home. 

As you choose your color, the product image will update to reflect your choice! Once you’re satisfied, you can move on to the next step.


#2: Choose Your Pump

Move on by clicking the “Pump” tab, where you’ll see a range of color options to top off your chosen bottle.

Black or white might complete your minimalist design or a brass or copper top can add a nice touch to a bathroom with a more rustic or farmhouse chic style. There’s even a bamboo option to make your very own bathroom feel like a relaxing spa right in your own home!

The benefit of being able to see each change reflected in the product image is that you can play and experiment! Mix and match with options you might not have considered if you hadn’t been able to test them out first!


#3: Customize Your Dispenser Label

This is the fun part! Choose what type of product your bottle is designed to dispense: lotion, hand soap, shampoo, or even a custom label.

From there, you can also add the personalized text that will go beneath the label, such as a family name or even a business name if you’re adding a touch of elegance to your office space.

Right now, we don't offer the option to see how the personalized text will look on the personalized signature collection.  


#4: Choose Your Sleeve

Don’t want to risk your brand new soap dispenser slipping off the counter or off the shower ledge and shattering on the floor? Choose an optional silicone sleeve in either white or black to prevent slipping and protect your purchase.


#4: Don’t Forget Soap Trays And Other Accessories!

After step #4, your customized soap dispenser is complete! But, don’t forget to add accessories to your cart to complete the look, such as our Soho Sponge + Soap Tray to place your bottles on that’s sure to complete any modern bathroom design or a concrete tray for a minimalist home.

The polished jar-glass-bottle-soap-dispensers-tray-brush

Get the Package Deal

If you don’t need as many customization options and would prefer to make your life (and your shopping trip) a little easier, then check out our Kitchen Soap Dispenser Bundle Package that offers everything you need in one simple kit.

You’ll get two Signature Collection glass bottles that you can choose the bottle and the pump color, which also includes a ceramic tray.

Less choice and less items to click through can make the whole experience a bit easier -- without sacrificing any of the products you need to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom decor! 

The polished jar-glass-bottle-soap-dispensers-tray-brush

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Whether you want to play and experiment with bathroom decor of your own design or just want to rest assured you’ll like the look of the product you pick, we hope the new and improved website features will help you design the reusable soap dispenser you’ve always wanted!

With so many simple, but stylish customization options to choose from, you really can put together an endless variety of color and style combinations to fit any home or kitchen. Experiment away until you absolutely love your product and can’t wait to add it to your home!

And, if you’re happy with your stylish new soap dispenser, be sure to check out our full range of products at The Polished Jar.

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