How to Take the Stress Out of Decorating & Organizing Your Home

How to Take the Stress Out of Decorating & Organizing Your Home


Few things are as exciting as decorating your home. You’ve gotten yourself settled, and you have a chance to completely reinvent everything. You can do something entirely new and different. The limits are endless!

Unfortunately, this means that you’re probably overwhelmed and anxious. After all, designing your home is a huge task. It takes a lot of energy, and you’ll probably find that things you once loved just don’t work in your new space. You’ll want to organize as you go, but those organizational supplies might be a little outdated.

That’s why we’re here. At The Polished Jar, we specialize in gorgeous organization solutions. From jars and bottles to trays and towels, we have everything you need to start your next journey in style.

We also have some tips to make your redesign a pleasant experience. Ready to reduce the stress you feel in your new home? Keep reading, and we’ll learn more together.

1. Take It Easy

First and foremost, remember to take a deep breath. You won’t finish this process tomorrow. You might not even finish it by the end of the week. No matter how much or how little you have with you, it’ll take some time to sort through your things.

Our biggest tip to you is this: don’t worry too much about a timeline. Fretting constantly over how quickly you can finish your remodel will only add to your stress. It may even lead to some broken treasures and hurt feelings. Instead, take it slow and enjoy the process!

2. Start By Thinking About Storage

One of the biggest challenges, when you start to redo a space, is understanding how you’ll store your things. In bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens, you’ll be particularly overwhelmed by the number of things you’ll need to store and sort. Between detergent, soap, spices, lotions, and oils, things can get stressful quickly!

To start, we suggest using one of our amazing refillable dispensers, which are available in various sizes, colors, and styles. Each bottle can be customized with a helpful label, or you can add a touch of class with one of our Avery Ceramic Tags. By starting with this small (but essential) detail, you can easily work backward as you design your space.

Using refillable containers is an amazing way to stay organized, as you can start to shop in bulk. This means you’ll use less storage space to keep more supplies. Be sure to pick up some funnels to make things easier to refill. A Stainless Steel Funnel will help with thin soaps and oils, but you’ll need a Silicone Funnel to top off your thick soaps and lotions.

3. Have a Catch-All

Once you’ve figured out your organization system, it’s time to find out where you’ll be disorganized! It may seem oxymoronic, but every room needs a “toss it and forget it” spot.

Think about it. When you get home, you put down your keys, wallet, and whatever else is in your pocket. If you don’t have a good, safe place to place these items, they can easily wander off to places you’ll never think about. That’s why we make our handy catch-all containers.


Deploy the Trays

One of the most versatile catch-alls is the humble tray. These large, flat vessels are great ways to safely store your pocket miscellanea.

We have a whole collection of different trays, which means that we have an option to fit every taste. We cover everything from our modern Handmade Artisan Concrete Tray to our gorgeous Charlotte Tray. Don’t forget about the soap and sponge trays, either. These are essential tools for keeping your supplies clean and safe!

Bring in the Dishes

For smaller, more fragile items, we have ring dishes.

These lovely organizational tools are basically tiny trays. They’re made to hold rings, necklaces, and pocket change. While they don’t offer as much storage space as a regular tray, they’re amazingly versatile, and they make for amazing statement pieces.

As an homage to the classic color combo, we created our two-tiered White + Gold Ring Dish. This vessel has a flat portion for storing larger items, like watches and keys, and a smaller portion for change and rings. For something more whimsical, you should take a look at our gorgeous Botanical Ring Dish, which features the imprint of a real leaf.

4. Have Fun

When you have your organizing figured out, everything will fall into place.

Now, with an orderly space, you have plenty of room to go wild. You can do what you please, and the only rule is that you need to love it. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Have fun with your accessories, and be sure to pick out eye-catching hand towels. After all, it’s your home, and you should love how it looks.

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