How to Have a Beautiful and Organized Bathroom with Kids

Bathroom counter and bottle dispensers

When you think of kids and bathtime, bubbles, bath toys, and big messes often come to mind. But there are ways to keep your bathroom looking beautifully organized, even if you’re sharing it with kids or if the bathroom in question is primarily the children’s bathroom. Here are our eight top tips for kids’ bathroom organization ideas that will make the whole family happy.

1. Organize With Kids In Mind

Take some time to seriously consider how your bathroom is organized with kids in mind. Are the things they need where they can reach them? Are things you don’t want them getting into out of their reach?

Store items like makeup, hot hair tools, perfume, cleaning products, and other child-unfriendly bathroom products safely out of reach. You can install extra wall-mounted shelves, too, if you need to elevate small items. Conversely, keep the things that kids use in a designated area. Give the kids their own drawer, basket, or other storage solution. This will make sure they always know where their things are.

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2. Avoid Glass

While glass containers may be beautiful and elegant, sometimes little hands aren’t the most dextrous. Sometimes accidents happen around bathtime, so make sure that your kids are safe by storing products in reusable plastic dispensers, rather than glass jars. Reusable plastic jars look much nicer than disposable plastic dispensers, so your bathroom will still look nice.

3. Get Kids Involved

Children past the toddler stage are usually mature enough to have some simple chores. These chores can include small bathroom cleaning and organizing tasks. This creates a sense of ownership and responsibility, and makes your job easier as a parent.

To make it seem less like a boring task, take the time to ask your kids for their input on bathroom organization. You can even let them help pick out bathroom decor to make them feel like they have some input and control over their space– which can encourage them to help keep the space looking nice.

Bathroom counter with bottle soap dispensers

4. Break Up Counter Space

Bathroom countertops can quickly become cluttered with kids’ bathroom needs, especially in small bathrooms. To help maintain a clutter-free bathroom, break up the counter space with wooden trays. These trays can be a designated “home” for key items and keep your counter organized. Leave at least one tray empty as a catch-all space; you can clean this out at the end of the day, the end of the week, or whenever it gets too full and the clutter starts escaping. 

Bathroom counter with bottle soap dispensers

5. Keep Kids’ Products Separate

Children have sensitive skin, scalps, and eyes, and so the soaps and hair products formulated for them are extra-gentle. Make sure that you’re using the right products for them and not the products that you’ve picked out for your own hair. A set of plastic product dispensers with cute, kid-friendly labels will make sure that the correct products are used. This is especially helpful for young children as they develop independent bathing skills.

Bathroom counter with bottle soap dispensers

6. Avoid Heavy Decor

Kids are naturally curious, and sometimes that translates into grabby hands. To avoid potential pinches or other “owies,” choose decor and organizational items made from lightweight materials like bamboo. This way, if an overly curious child pulls something down off the counter, it won’t hurt.

Lightweight materials are also less likely to break. If your child pulls a marble or even ceramic tray from the bathroom countertop to the floor, those items are likely to break. But durable, lightweight natural materials are less likely to be damaged in case this happens.

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7. Use Lots Of Storage Solutions

Your bathroom will feel much less cluttered if you have a place for everything. Get some handy baskets for storage that you can stash under the sink. Well-managed under-sink storage can help free up prime bathroom real estate and maximize your floor space. Use organizers inside your built-in storage space, like drawer dividers, and use low-profile trays to divide your shelf space and avoid bathroom clutter.

Bathroom counter with bottle soap dispensers

8. Use Gentle Cleansers

Many bathroom messes can be cleaned up with gentle cleansers. Bathroom mirrors and hardware can have a streak-free finish and bathroom countertops can be cleaned and disinfected without harsh chemicals. 

A simple cleaning solution for a kids’ bathroom is a 2:1 solution of white vinegar and water. Simply combine the vinegar and water in a reusable spray bottle and use it like any other cleaning solution. This solution is gentle on your fixtures (although it should not be used on natural stone, as it can dull the finish), and safe to use around even the littlest kids.

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At The Polished Jar, we believe that your home is your sanctuary, and we take pride in providing decor for a perfectly customized bathroom. No matter what your personal style is, we’re confident that our catalog has just the right products for you and your kids.

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