How To Dress Up Your Bathroom With Foaming Soap Dispensers

How To Dress Up Your Bathroom With Foaming Soap Dispensers

July 5, 2022

Foaming soap dispensers have been gaining popularity in the past few decades and we can see why. The velvety, luxurious soap feels soft to the touch, while also being easy to use for the kiddos in your home. The foamed soap produces that no-mess experience that all moms love. 

Upgrading Your Countertop

Most foaming soap dispensers come in unsightly plastic bottles from your local grocer, producing no aesthetic appeal. However, our beloved Signature Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser offers the clean lines and high quality of glass, while also producing the plump, soft foamed soap that is so well-loved. Our carefully etched Engraved Foaming Soap Dispenser provides the foaming soap in a glass bottle that has been finely engraved for that no-label, minimalist look. 

Your countertop gets an instant upgrade when you pair your foaming dispenser with our handmade Artisan Concrete Tray. The tray provides an organized home for your bottles while also creating a functioning countertop vignette. 

Catering Your Dispenser To Your Style

Your style is as unique as you. We think your foamer should be too! From modern to traditional, let’s take a look at some of our favorite foaming dispenser collections to pinpoint your fav.

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is our absolute bestselling foaming design. With its minimal, yet traditional font, we can see why our customers love it so much. 

Bringing an organized energy to any space, each bottle is designed to blend seamlessly and provide amazing form and function.

Monogram Collection 

The Monogram Collection offers that special touch of personalization. Ideal for a wedding or housewarming gift, each bottle is meant to invoke a feeling of nostalgia. The labels come with three distinct areas for personalization for the ultimate experience in creating a one-of-a-kind gift. 

Personalized Signature Collection

Speaking of custom, our Personalized Signature Collection is ideal for those needing that extra bit of personalization.

Maybe it's a warm message to guests or a note to differentiate between your favorite soaps. Eliminate confusion of mistaken soaps by easily adding that favorite face wash brand to your label. At The Polished Jar, we thrive on customizing your soap dispenser experience. Creating your own unique labels in a well designed bottle makes the experience all that more enjoyable. 

Luxe Collection

The vintage feel of our apothecary inspired Luxe Collection is crisp and clean. Elegant lines make for a timeless choice for any space. The classic label adds a bit of unsuspecting fun with the tiny dot below the first initial of your soap. Don’t forget, all of our labels can be customized with your text. Adding your first name is a fun way to brighten up your countertop. 

Desert Terra Collection

Just because we know those of you out there love that desert feel, we had to create our Desert Terra Collection.  Featuring a Saguaro Cactus, you’ll feel transported to a breathtaking beauty of the desert vistas and sweeping terrains. Bring a touch of succulent beauty to your countertops with our modern take on the beloved plant. The waterproof label ensures your bottle will remain unscathed in wet sinkside areas and the foaming pump allows for an enjoyable washing station.

Foaming Function

Foamer pumps are special from regular gel soap pumps. A regular gel soap pump can be used with most soaps from your local market. This includes thick lotions, shampoos and conditioners. 

However, a foaming pump is required to be used with soap specifically designed for foaming. These soaps are thinner than regular gel soap and nearly the consistency of water. To create the foam, your foamer pushes air into the soap, which will then produce that luxurious foamed soap. A thick gel soap can clog (and even break) your foaming dispenser. Currently, all our foamers come in 8 oz amber glass with a black matte pump. However, we’re currently working on designing and manufacturing a new foaming soap dispenser, where the foaming mechanism will sit on top of the bottle, rather than in the bottle as many other foamers do.  The placement of the pump outside the bottle allows for greater flexibility of the size, shape, or both the size and shape of the bottle. 

Staying In The Know

The best part about our foamers is their function and beauty. Be sure not to miss our next foamer label design by following along with us on Instagram @thepolishedjar. Not the social media type? Not a problem, drop us a line here with any questions.

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