Gorgeous Goth Interior Design for Chic Home

Bottle dispensers on a wooden tray

Pinterest predicted that a “goth-assaince” would make its way into fashion and decor in 2022 and 2023. And we are seeing it everywhere, from baby outfits to chic monochromatic luxurious goth inspired bathrooms.

First developed as an offshoot of the 1970s punk culture, the term “gothic” encompasses a wide variety of subcultures and aesthetic choices. When it comes to home decor, the goth aesthetic embraces elaborate detail, high-quality materials, luxury, elegance, and a touch of unusual. 

Gothic interior design also tends to embrace maximalism and vintage decor ideas. It’s not uncommon to see design elements from the Edwardian, Victorian, or sometimes even medieval periods (think stained glass and stone). But you don’t have to live in Northanger Abbey to have a delightfully goth home. Through clever accessorizing and the intentional use of monochrome design elements, Goth can be present every day chic home. 

Monochrome Details

There’s an old joke in the goth subculture that you can wear any color you like, so long as it’s black. While this isn’t entirely true— gothic design and fashion frequently use all kinds of color— the interplay of black and white remains a hallmark of the style. Monochrome styling is found in all sorts of home decor aesthetics, but goth typically emphasizes black instead of white. 

While we offer several options for black and white dispenser bottles, our Avery collection provides the perfect touch for a gothic bathroom or kitchen. Choose a black bottle with black hardware and a white ceramic tag for that perfect monochromatic look.

The lovely bottles in our Luxe Collection can offer a similar contrast; again, choose a black bottle and customize the white label for a chic monochromatic bathroom accent.

Candle-lit Opulence

Candles are frequently used in goth home decor as both a decorative and practical element. Flickering candlelight brings an element of mystery to your space, regardless of whether you’re using a chunky scented candle or tall tapers. Candles look best when elevated on a pedestal, which gets the heat and wax away from your table and countertops. 

Our Savannah Palm Pedestal is the perfect way to elevate your candles. The wide surface provides a stable base for even large jarred candles. 

Wicked Good Organization

Don’t find yourself haunted by the ghosts of expired products and items lost to clutter; instead, bring some elegance and decorum to your decor with organizational pieces. Organizers can do double duty by being both functional and beautiful.

Our sleek, matte black Obsidian Ceramic Tray is the perfect organizational piece for your sink-side bottles and necessary objects. Its generous size means it could also work as a great catch-all for your kitchen table or countertops. Top it with a White + Gold Ring Dish for your smallest items for an elegant organizational solution.

Our exclusive Alabaster Tray is another fine choice for the organized gothic bathroom or kitchen. The gold details add a touch of modernity, creating a style that’s not too vintage and not too new– perfect for gothic home decor.

Rich Patterns and Textures

Heavy furniture items in dark hues are at the heart of gothic decor. But besides dark colors, patterns and textures play an important role in gothic home design. This could mean a velvet sofa in the living room or a heavy wooden table with elaborately turned legs in the kitchen. Designs are important as well; brocade often features heavily in gothic home decor, as do skulls, dark floral patterns, and timeless horizontal striping.

A richly textured striped tea towel like our Remy Hand Towel might not scream “goth” on its own, but when you bring it into a darkly designed kitchen or bathroom, the gray and white stripes are certain to complement a gothic style. 

Smooth, sleek glass is another texture that can easily be brought into your gothic kitchen or bathroom. The engraved glass bottles in our French Modern Collection are a great way to add a personal touch and additional texture to your space.

Luxurious Materials

Both goth decor and clothing often incorporate rich, sumptuous materials to project a sense of opulence and luxury. High-quality materials like marble, alabaster, and other stones bring to mind stately halls and palatial decor, which are some of the design elements that the original goth aesthetic draws upon. 

Our Portico Tray uses rich black marble and rich mango wood to bring a dark elegance that will look incredible next to your sink or on your counter. 

The Simone Ring Dish is a perfectly sophisticated place for your rings to rest when you’re not wearing them. Stately white marble creates a luxurious touch that highlights the romanticism of the gothic decor style.

If you find these luxurious style ideas inspiring or are looking for more decor inspiration, visit our blog and shop at The Polished Jar. We want you to feel that your home is truly your sanctuary and help you customize your living space to your exact tastes. We want to help you find the next perfect piece for your home decor.

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