Easy Ideas for Unique Wedding Favors


Let’s talk about an important question: have wedding favors gone out of style?

First Thing’s First...

To answer this, we need to first talk about the history of wedding favors. Have you ever thought about where this tradition comes from?

It isn’t talked about very often, but giving wedding favors -- and giving party favors in general -- is actually a tradition that dates back centuries. While the act of giving simple, thoughtful gifts to your guests seems like an easy thing to take for granted as “just the way it is”, this tradition actually has an interesting history that can be traced back to different countries all over the world.


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Most historians trace back the beginnings of party favors to Italy -- or, at least, to early Europe. Nobility of the time would often offer guests at weddings and other large celebrations gifts to display their social status. In Italy, these gifts were known as bomboniere -- beautiful boxes filled with treats or sugar as a token of gratitude given to guests. Lower classes of people couldn’t afford such luxuries and so these gifts were not only a memento of the occasion, but a reminder of the wealthy family’s status.

Over the decades, the tradition has had similar iterations in every country. In England, couples would give their guests love knots made of lace and ribbons as party favors. Russia had similar habits.

Modern Wedding Favors

These types of practices eventually trickled down to the kinds of modern gifts and favors we give today. Most famously, you might think of Jordan Almonds as the “classic” wedding favor.

The point is, something with such a vivid history can never go out of style. Wedding favors have literally proven that they stand the test of time over and over again.


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With that in mind, how can YOU participate in this amazing tradition? How do you live up to the competition of decades of beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful (and occasionally boastful) wedding favors given by newlyweds all over the world?

The answer is to give a gift that is not only memorable and elegant, but actually useful and meaningful to your guests. This might sound like a tall order, but we’ve got the perfect idea.

The Perfect Useful Wedding Favor

If you’re looking for a wedding favor that channels the elegance of wedding favors throughout history, but also want to give your guests something truly memorable and useful, then you have to find an item that no one else has, but everyone needs.

The way to do that?

Personalized Glass or Plastic Bottle Soap Dispensers

A customized soap dispenser is an amazing wedding gift for all of your guests. They fit seamlessly into any style of bathroom decor, serve a useful purpose, and offer the perfect way to immortalize your special day.


ThePolishedJar Custome Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Gift


Ways to Gift a Customized Soap Dispenser

1) Come up with a universal design for all guests

Come up with a design that’s representative of your wedding. For example, you might customize a bottle that perfectly matches your wedding decorations or even add a special phrase to the label so that every time your guests head for the soap, they’re reminded of the joy of celebrating your wedding with you!

2) Personalize the glass pump dispenser to individual guests

If you have the time or are only inviting a few guests to your wedding, you can make your wedding favors truly special by customizing the glass pump dispensers with each guest in mind. You can add a personalized thank you note to the label or include the guests’ initials on the bottle.

You might also consider getting glass pump dispensers for single people or couples and giving plastic bottles to those with families who might not want to risk pets or children breaking a glass bottle!


plastic bottle soaps lotions personalized - signature collection


A unique gift for every guest will absolutely blow them away -- and let them know you were specifically thinking of them when you planned out your favors. What better way to say “thank you”?!

3) Add accessories 

To take your wedding favors to the next level, you might even consider bundling glass bottle soap dispensers with a stylish bathroom tray to complete your guests’ bathroom decor. Creating a cute, functional bathroom “kit” for your guests ensures they’re going home with a gift that will not only level up the fashion and function of their bathroom, but that will be genuinely useful in their day-to-day lives.


ThePolishedJar Ring Dish Soap Dispenser Bottle

Personalization Makes Any Gift Unique

No matter what type of soap dispenser you choose, adding personalization through monograms, personalized messages, or custom made labels automatically increases the thoughtfulness of your gift. And, with soap dispensers, you’re ensuring you’re giving a gift that everyone can use.

While personalized soap dispensers are quite a leap from the love knots or bundles of treats given as wedding favors throughout history, modern day gifts are the perfect solution for modern day weddings. And, without even realizing it, you’re participating in a tradition that is thousands of years strong… and still going.


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