7 Unexpected Bathroom Styling Tricks

7 Unexpected Bathroom Styling Tricks

Your bathroom has the potential to be a transformational space with an energy all its own. Whether you want a bathroom that leaves you positive and uplifted, ready to face the day or prefer a bathroom with a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, the only limit to how far you can personalize your bathroom is your own desires and creativity. 

One key aspect of personalizing your bathroom is approaching the decor with a curious, open mind. Unique decor can add so much to your bathroom’s atmosphere. Here are 7 unexpected bathroom styling ideas to get you on your way. 

1. Change The Color Scheme

For many of today’s bathrooms, monochrome white is the standard color scheme. This hasn’t always been the case; in the 1950s, bathrooms were frequently pink, while the 1970s brought about green and orange bathrooms. Bathroom color schemes have changed through the years, and if you don’t want a white bathroom, you don’t have to have one.  You can paint or tile your bathroom with any colors you like. 

If you do like the clean lines of a white bathroom but want to add more visual interest, pops of color can bring new life into the space. Brightly colored bath linens and bath mats can add a lot of visual interest, while colorful little touches like a hand towel or a floral-inspired ring dish by the sink can add a personal touch that catches the eye.

2. Add Wall Tiling

Tiling isn’t just for the bathroom floor; adding tile to the walls is a great way to add an additional decorative element to the bathroom. This design choice will draw the eye upward, which makes the space look bigger, and is extremely practical from a cleaning standpoint. Subway tiling looks sleek and modern, while decorative Moroccan-style tiling looks intricate and delicate. You can even mix and match tiling with an accent wall or by going halfway up the wall with tile and then painting the rest of the surface. 

Wall tiled bathroom

3. Curate The Space

Not every item in a bathroom must be utilitarian; adding knick-knacks and appealing items can help further your desired aesthetic and give your bathroom a real personality. This is especially true if you want a boho-styled bathroom or want a more maximalist approach to the space. 

While you may be concerned about these decorative items turning into clutter, this can be prevented by making sure that these items have a place and are intentionally chosen. You can use shallow or flat trays to create a home for your decor that will keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Bathroom with gray wood cabinets

4. Incorporate LED Lighting

LED backlighting in shower niches or around the edges of mirrors and vanity shelves is a good way to soften the light in your bathroom. This type of ambient light creates a soothing glow and adds another layer of lighting in a space lacking in natural light. While overhead LED track lighting can be a challenge to install without professional help, LED strip and puck lights are easy, simple DIY options that can totally change your bathroom’s atmosphere. 

The Polished Jar Monogram Bottle Dispensers

5. Add Your Monogram

Adding some monogrammed home decor to the bathroom is a great way to literally put your mark on the space. They’re a fun design element that adds a touch of your own identity to the decor scheme. Monograms work best when they are small, elegant touches, like an embroidered set of initials on the edge of a washcloth or hand towel. Your soap dispenser is also a great place for a monogram.

6. Feature Botanical Bathroom Decor

Breathe new life into your bathroom by leaning into botanical elements. Houseplants can improve your bathroom’s air quality and add a natural touch that elevates your bathroom’s atmosphere. You can reinforce this natural touch with plant-inspired bathroom decor elements, like a ring dish that uses real leaves in its design.

7. Move Beyond Disposable

Think about all of the plastic, disposable containers in your bathroom. Your shampoo and conditioner bottles, your hand soap dispenser, the spray bottles of cleaning solutions, all the little ephemeral jars and tubs of various bathroom sundries… how much effort do you put into hiding them? There often isn’t a lot of beauty in disposable bathroom packaging, and these things often feel out of place when put up next to the bathroom decor that you’ve actually chosen

You don’t have to settle for this kind of packaging. Shampoos, soaps, hand creams, and more can all be decanted into reusable glass dispensers that look beautiful on your bathroom sink or the shelf in your shower. Even cleaning products can find a home in a reusable sprayer

At The Polished Jar, we believe that your home is your sanctuary and that you deserve to have a bathroom that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Check out our blog for more ideas to help you style your ideal bathroom.

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