Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Has Everything

Marble Tray with Two The Polished Jar White and Gold Soap Bottle Dispensers

It may seem like a long way out, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Soon, America will be celebrating all of the hard-working superwomen out there. Every mom loves hugs and kisses, and The Polished Jar has gift options for even the most discerning of moms.

For the Mom Who Has Everything

We all know her, and your mom might even be her! She insists, in spite of your loving protest, that she “has everything” for Mother’s Day. So, what can you possibly get for her?

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  • Something Personal: Our signature engraved bottle collection offers a touch of class with a hint of personalization.
  • Something Unique: Give Mom something she doesn’t have yet. Our gorgeous Spring Blossom bundle set, customized with mom's name and birth flower, is the perfect way to thank Mom for everything she’s done!
  • Something Useful: Made of sustainably sourced beech wood, our Essex Brush is equal parts beautiful and functional.
  • Something Soft: Remind Mom of how gentle she is with The Polished Jar’s Penelope hand towel. Woven by skilled artisans, this gift is made to last as long as your mom’s love!

For the Mom Who Doesn’t “Need” Anything

Mom says that, no matter what, she doesn’t “need” anything! If you’re looking for a Mom who is satisfied and happy, it’s time to forget about what she needs and think about what she wants.


  • Something Personal: Our Monogram Collection bottles are made of durable glass and built to last. Mom may not need anything, but it’s always nice to show her that you know what she wants.
  • Something Unique: If Mom’s into light and bright, there’s no better pick than our gorgeous marble Sardinia Tray. Mothers of the more natural and woodsy mindset may prefer our Botanical Ring Dishes.
  • Something Useful: Another functional gift is our beechwood Bedford Brush, which is designed to scrub away grime without falling apart.
  • Something Soft: Mom may not need it, but she’ll want our luxuriously soft Remy Hand Towel!

The Minimalist Mom

Minimalists are hard to shop for. Too much clutter ruins their aesthetic, but you still want to give them something. Fortunately, The Polished Jar has you covered!

Two The Polished Jar Soap Bottle Dispenser on Bathroom Counter

  • Something Personal: Show Mom how much you care by helping her declutter! One of our plastic Avery collection dispensers is a great way to store soaps and lotions.
  • Something Unique: Everyone needs somewhere to rest their soaps and baubles. Our customizable Artisan Concrete Trays are a perfect pick for the discerning minimalist.
  • Something Useful: A small gift helps a long way with our customizable hand crocheted pot holder. Nothing beats the beauty of natural wood, even the minimal lifestyle!
  • Something Soft: Stripes are always stylish. With its simple design and amazing, absorbent texture, the Cabana Hand Towel will blend beautifully with Mom’s sleek bathroom (or kitchen).

The Eco-Conscious Mom

If Mom’s going green, then we have her back. Give your mom the gift of giving back to Mother Earth with some eco-friendly gifts from us!

  • Something Personal: So many options and not a bit of plastic! Our reusable Avery Collection dispensers are a great way to show Mom you’re thinking of sustainability.
  • Something Unique: We have many sustainable naturalist products to offer, but our top picks for eco-Mom are our Savannah Palm Pedestal and Wood Ring Dishes.
  • Something Useful: There’s nothing quite like an ergonomic hand brush, and your green-thinking mom will love that our Bedford brush is made of renewable bamboo.
  • Something Soft: Its refined design isn’t all that our Zoya Hand Towel has to offer. It’s also made of responsibly sourced woven cotton.

The Over-the-Top Mom

Sometimes, Mom knows what she wants and just doesn’t want to say what it is! For the dramatic mothers of the world, The Polished Jar has a few solutions.

  • Something Personal: Our Luxe Collection glass dispensers are stunning. No more plastic bottles for Mom, only fine glass gifts!
  • Something Unique: Made of durable stoneware, our Camille Stoneware bottle tray has a unique design for an elegant storage solution.
  • Something Useful: Remind Mom that she’s royalty with our gorgeous white marble Olympia Sponge + Soap Trays. This set will fit in any setting, and it pairs perfectly with Mom’s refined side.
  • Something Soft: Simple lines for an elegant lady. If you want something small for someone bigger than life, try our hand-woven Penelope Hand Towel.

The Nice and Neat Mom

Finally, we have the organizer. She brings everyone together, and it’s time to help her do the same with her home! For our final gift list, we’re bringing you picks for the orderly moms of the world.

Two The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers on a Tray next to flowers

  • Something Personal: Get personalized storage solutions with our durable plastic Signature Collection and help Mom reorganize her linen closet!
  • Something Unique: For holding life’s odds and ends, we have plenty of trays, including our Laurel Tray and White + Gold Ring Dish.
  • Something Useful: Declutter Mom’s kitchen with our durable Pot Scrub Brush, made from gorgeous wood.
  • Something Soft: Finally, you can remind Mom of her super soft hugs with our Flour and Sugar Tea Towel Set. No matter what you pick, though, Mom is sure to love it!
  • Something polished: help mom organize and declutter her bathroom and beauty essentials with our beautiful Signature bathroom jars.


A Special Bundle

And just in case you are not sure which The Polished Jar ideas to choose, we created this special bundle that will make every mom feel special. 


These top gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year should be more than enough to bring a smile to the face of any special lady in your life. Still, if you need a bit of help, our kind staff of decorating experts are here to help you.


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