5 Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom Modern Farmhouse Style

The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers and Concrete Soap Tray on a Farmhouse Styled Bathroom

You don’t have to tear down your bathroom and start over to achieve your dream decor style. Even just a few small and calculated personal touches, such as adding the perfect soap dispensers, can create the flawless aesthetic you’re looking for. 

If you’ve chosen to go with modern farmhouse decor for your bathroom, you’re probably constantly on the hunt for the perfect blend of warm and rustic combined with sleek and modern. The choices you make in color, accessories, and simple decor can completely define this style for you -- all without a drastic overhaul of your bathroom.

If you’re looking to take your modern farmhouse bathroom decor to the next level, keep reading for the top five things you absolutely need to add to the mix.

5 Things to Add to Your Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

While it’s all well and good to redesign your bathroom, repaint the walls, or replace all your fixtures, the key to effective design is actually much simpler. Sometimes, the most important step in establishing your preferred decor style is what you put around your sink on your vanity.


Black and White Modern Farmhouse Styled Bathroom

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Little finishing touches like glass pump dispensers and sleek and elegant trays or jewelry holders can take your bathroom from cluttered to classy. These touches are small but can truly tie together a space. You can completely demolish and rebuild your bathroom and still not achieve a cohesive look without adding some detailed finishing touches.

Not sure where to start with those finishing touches? No worries. Check out these five items we’ve picked for you that are not only super functional, but super farmhouse chic.

  1. Concrete Sponge and Soap Tray

This super stylish tray is perfect for either sponges or soap bars and comes in shades of white and grey perfectly suited for modern farmhouse decor. The tray’s pyramid shape is not only super functional for quick soap drainage, but adds an edgy modern touch.


Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser Next to a Concrete Soap Tray
  1. Botanical Ring Dish

This stunning ring dish is individually crafted out of gorgeous cream porcelain, impressed with real leaves, and rimmed with real 22K gold. It adds the perfect touch of both elegance and rustic flair to your bathroom vanity. The botanicals throw in some of that old-fashioned rustic green, while the cream porcelain and gold embellishment compliment your sleek, modern color palette. And what better way to embody modern farmhouse decor than by combining beauty with function?


Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser and Ring Dish on a Wood Tray
  1. Custom Soap Dispensers and Lotion Dispensers

These custom soap and lotion dispensers are the perfect way to define YOUR style. These glass soap dispensers come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles to match your aesthetic and you can even add a custom label to make them completely your own. 

Brushed metal pumps add farmhouse flair, while the clean and neutral look of the glass soap bottles amps up the modern feel of your space. Rid yourself of the clutter of store bought soap and lotion bottles and instead let these reusable soap dispensers give your home a organized, cohesive look.

Glass soap dispensers can be the perfect way to level up your modern farmhouse decor, as they provide a modern touch, but can also easily match any decoration you might already have. Simple and elegant.


The Polished Jar Terra Collection Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers
  1. Wooden Tray

The perfect home for your new glass soap bottles? This gorgeous wooden tray that adds warmth to any space. Each tray is made from acacia wood and is the perfect place to keep your bottles, jewelry, and other necessities perfectly organized on your bathroom vanity.


Two Wooden Trays and Dish Soap Brush on a Marble  Bathroom Counter
  1. Concrete Tray

Or, if you’re looking for a tray that adds a modern, minimalist touch instead of being your rustic component, you might try this handmade concrete tray. It serves the same purpose of holding your bottles or serving as a catch-all tray, but instantly adds elegance to your space in a variety of gorgeous neutrals.


Three Modern Farmhouse Style Concrete Bathroom Trays by The Polished Jar



As Simple as Soap Dispensers

It seems crazy that something as simple as a soap dispenser can define your entire space, right? But, it’s true. Adding an elegant glass soap dispenser or a sleek minimalist tray to your bathroom can really take your modern farmhouse bathroom decor to the next level -- and you can do it all on a budget and with very little effort, especially if you know where to look.

The Polished Jar is the perfect place to look and you can check out more from them here -- from fabulous decor options already designed for you, to fully customizable options that truly let you define the bathroom decor style of your dreams.

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