About US

Clean, organized & beautifully designed

At The Polished Jar we know that life can be chaotic. That’s why we’re here to bring a little bit of calm and serenity to your countertops.

The little things in your home can mean so much. We believe you deserve to feel good each time you wash your hands, step into your shower or draw a bath. That’s the inspiration behind The Polished Jar. Bringing beauty and organization to your living spaces.

Customizable for your needs & preferences

The Polished Jar bottles come empty so you can use them for virtually all of your needs — soap, lotion, shampoo. You can pick your bottle size, color, pump color and label design. Labels are waterproof and customizable.

The Polished Jar features the largest selection of bottle and pump colors. Here you can choose unique and hard-to-find combinations like metal pumps specially-made to pair with our plastic bottles.

Build your custom bottle directly on our site and try out a variety of options using our online interactive shopping experience.

Organize & enjoy your home

The Polished Jar was designed to help you bring to life the dream home you’ve always imagined. You have a vision of how you want your home to look and feel. We are honored to be a part of this process. Our hope is to inspire excitement and joy as you bring to life an organized, clean and beautiful space.


The Polished Jar Story

The Polished Jar origins go back to 2018 when founder Suzanne Valov just had her fourth child. Yearning for a creative outlet, she had been searching for a reusable soap dispenser for a recent bathroom remodel. She wanted a beautiful bottle with a waterproof label. A soap bottle both attractive and functional.

One night, while rocking her baby to sleep she had a thought to craft high quality bottles that would be a welcome addition to any home.

As a stay-at-home mother of four, Suzanne was entering an industry without any previous experience. Each step along the way took significant time and research, but what began as a hobby and creative outlet in a few years transformed into a growing business and beloved brand.

A family affair, Suzanne is joined by her husband and a fulfillment team of close friends and family. As the brand grows to offer more products, the mission of The Polished Jar remains the same.

Countertops should be easy to clean. You should feel happy and content each time you look at them. Welcome guests with thoughtful touches that make them feel comfortable and inspired. The Polished Jar helps you live elegantly and simply with high-quality, well-appointed pieces that show you took the extra step to care.

For Suzanne, that’s giving you the pieces to make your home feel serene and organized, giving you the moments where you love where you live