Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Do you ever want to just run away to a rustic home in the countryside, but can’t bring yourself to leave behind the big city? Fortunately, you don't have to choose! Modern farmhouse decor is becoming a more and more popular addition to the dining room and kitchen designs, so there’s no time like the present to turn your home into the cozy modern farmhouse of your dreams!

Capturing the Farmhouse Look

Though the modern farmhouse style is certainly niche, it’s quite easy to recreate. Essentially, you want to capture the rustic beauty of the countryside, but at the same time maintain an overall contemporary and chic look. For this, use of natural wood and a neutral color palette is perfect, capturing both that cozy cabin vibe and the trendy, modern feel in one fell swoop. Having established the basic style, you can now move on to the home decor itself.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Organized Farmhouse Kitchen Counter 

Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen

Implementing modern kitchen decor is easy enough: sleek, efficient pieces, a two or three-tone color palette, and a sense of intent behind every decoration. From there, it’s much easier than you’d think to blend a farmhouse design into what you already have. As mentioned before, you’ll want to keep it simple, sticking to a small color palette and implementing some wooden elements as well, making for a charming style that never goes out of season or style.

When deciding how you want to outfit your kitchen counter, glass soap bottles are an excellent starting point. To capture both modern and old-fashioned elements, we recommend engraved glass bottles from our French Modern Collection. Perfectly simple and highly customizable, you can make changes as needed to fit the color palette you’re after. For farmhouse decor, a white or amber bottle with a brass, copper, or black matte pump is an excellent fit, and you can have each of them custom engraved for their specific use.

 The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Organized Farmhouse Kitchen Counter

After you’ve decided on your soap dispensers, you’ll want to decide on a hand towel. Your best options here are the Cinnamon Spice Set and the Fayette Hand Towel, with each offering a pop of color to the room. The Cinnamon Spice Set sticks to a simple white and  mustard color scheme, making it naturally click with its surroundings. On the other hand, the Fayette Hand Towel makes use of a reddish cinnamon color, which will add the perfect amount of contrast without causing a disruption. Both are excellent choices, so it’s all up to your preferences to decide!

From here, you can move onto the finishing touches and accessories. Need something to make cleanup easier? Go for a Pot Scrub Brush or a Homestead Hand Brush. Feel like something’s missing? A Wood Ring Dish or a Honeycomb Soap Tray may be just the thing you’re after. This is your chance to put the last few polishes on your farmhouse kitchen, so go with whatever you think works well!

The Polished Jar White Bottle Dispensers on Farmhouse Kitchen Counter

Image: @copycatstyle on Instagram

Creating a Farmhouse Dining Room

With the kitchen completed, you can even further extend your farmhouse aesthetic to the dining room. An open and versatile space, dining room design is your chance to wow your dinner guests and visitors. For a design that stands out from the rest, be deliberate about where your decor is placed to best bring out the room’s natural lighting. In addition, you’re best off using rustic wooden furniture, and making sure to match the color scheme and style you’ve already established in the kitchen. That aside, you have a massive amount of creative freedom here, so let your imagination run wild!

With the basic layout and furniture established, you can then move onto the table itself. Though a well-made wooden table is a thing of beauty, it can seem pretty empty without a bit of decor. Hand towels can also be used as napkins, and the aforementioned Fayette Hand Towel will create a stunning contrast with the deep, elegant finish of the table. Placemats of a similar reddish color would also make for an excellent addition. 

Finally, top it off with a rustic, nature-centric centerpiece. Faux flowers in a rustic clay vase or leaves in an elegant wooden box are both excellent choices, capturing both the natural and refined aspects you’re after.

A Flawless Design

The modern farmhouse style is a flawless reunion of both the classic and contemporary, and is sure to liven up your home unlike anything else. For decor that perfectly captures this style, we at The Polished Jar have you covered. With high-quality decor for any season and occasion, you’re sure to find exactly what you want at our shop. And if it’s more farmhouse decor ideas you’re after, feel free to check out our blog! No matter what you need, we’re here to help you make your dream design a reality.

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