How To Decorate for the Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving Fall Styled Glass Bottle Soap Foamer Dispenser

As Autumn begins, many people are starting to prepare for the holiday season!. As you plan the dinner for your family’s Thanksgiving table, you may also be noticing that your home decor isn’t quite seasonal enough. Fortunately, The Polished Jar can help you keep your interior decorating current and seasonal!

To get you into a fresh autumnal mindset, here are some Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will make your house stand out.

Choose the Perfect Color Palette 

Between the pine cones and falling leaves of autumn, the season is rich with color. If you really want to make your house seasonally festive, you want to be able to match those hues. Stick to warm, earthy tones; in addition to the obvious choices of red, orange, and yellow, every shade of brown is fair game. 

The Polished Jar Hand Towel

In your dining room and kitchen (or your bathroom, if you prefer), a good hand towel can be a wonderful statement piece. The Fayette hand towel, with its gorgeous red-orange color, makes for a lovely and practical seasonal accent piece. Mix and match your textiles by adding a couple of Cinnamon Spicedishcloths, which are perfect for washing drying up after finishing a delicious Thanksgiving meal. 


Simply swapping the palette of your home’s table decorations can make a huge difference. Another solution is to swap out or add in a festive table runner. If you’re someone who has a hard time finding things that fit your style, a fresh splash of color may be all you need to get your home into the autumn mood.

Silver for Copper

While it may not technically be a color, copper is the de facto metal of autumn and is earthy, warm, and timeless. For spaces that may be harder to decorate, such as your bathrooms, finding some copper accents can add some autumnal flare.

A tasteful glass soap shampoo bottle or lotion dispenser with a copper hand pump, for example, can make a space feel more seasonal without having to do a full interior design makeover.

The Polished Jar Copper Pump Soap Dispenser

Other metallic hues to consider for your autumnal decor are gold and brass. Like copper, these strong accents are warm, soft, and inviting. Even a tiny touch of metal, like the inlay for a custom engraved shampoo glass bottle soap dispenser, can make a space shine.

Go Natural

With its gorgeous crisp weather, autumn is a fabulous time to spend outdoors, so why not incorporate a bit of nature into your home decor? In addition to mimicking the colors and hues of nature, bringing its natural beauty into your home is a fantastic way to remind your guests (and yourself) of the season.

Spots that are perfect for natural accents include your dining room table and coffee table. As hubs of activity, these surfaces probably see the most use. To boost their functionality and appeal, consider adding a few functional seasonal touches. A gorgeous wooden ring dish can be the perfect addition to either of these surfaces, since it’s practical while also reflecting the spirit of the season.


The Polished Jar Soap Dispenser and Wooden Ring Dish

Adding splashes of natural wood can be done anywhere, you don’t need to limit yourself to just a few spots. An acacia tray, for example, can be a useful and portable accent for anywhere in your home. For extra flair, you can even have it engraved with a personal message or seasonal greeting. If you want to keep your decor super practical, something like a wooden scrubbing brush for your kitchen sink may be more up your alley. 

Refresh Your Wall Art

With all these decorating ideas, it may be easy to forget that your wall art matters, too! In larger spaces, such as the living room, what’s on your walls can make a space come together.

Your Thanksgiving decor can be accented with something obvious, like a themed wall piece or autumn garland. However, if you prefer to keep what’s on your walls, a few decorative accents will do the trick. Adding just a bit of seasonal contrast works wonders on a space and can really bring out that autumnal flair. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even make your own wall art!

The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers

Have Fun & Be Creative

Your autumnal decor can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. You can completely redo your entire home, or you can add a few subtle touches. Whichever route you choose, you can always be sure that The Polished Jar will have something to fit your style.

At the end of the day, the season is what you make of it!. Don’t stress too much about making things absolutely perfect. The joy of the season is the time you spend with family and friends, after all.

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