Four-Season Decor: Kitchen, Bathroom, & Laundry Room Design

White Bathroom Counter With Silver Faucet and The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

As fun as seasonal decorating may be, sometimes it’s nice to have a few stable, year-round pieces on display. These constant facets of your home’s decor are comforting, persistent reminders of your personality and taste. Unlike other, more seasonal items, you never need to put these pieces away.

Fortunately, The Polished Jar is here to help! Our functional, gorgeous accessories are as festive as they are timeless. Our artisanal pieces are sure to bring life to the most mundane spaces of your home.

How to Spice Up Your Kitchen

As a space used on a near-daily basis for everything from socialization to meal prep, your kitchen may seem like a purely utilitarian part of your house. However, it doesn’t have to be drab!

Even a few tiny touches can make the space bright. While seasonal decorating fans may be breaking out their autumnal decor, you can always spruce up your space with some timeless, year-round features.

Use Functional Accessories

Even the smallest parts of your kitchen can be gorgeous works of art. The Polished Jar is delighted to offer a modern Concrete Soap and Sponge Tray that would fit into any setting. Available in grey, dark grey, and off-white, this functional addition to your kitchen is a visually stunning way to cut down on clutter and organize your space.

The pyramid-shaped ridges, which make the tray so appealing, promote aeration. This allows soap bars and sponges to dry out faster. Despite its modern aesthetic, the tray’s neutral coloration makes it the perfect, year-round choice for any interior design.

For a more natural look, consider some neutral wood tones. As one of the most common building materials on the planet, nothing is as timeless as wood. For instance, a beautiful bamboo Pot Scrub Brush is as functional as you can get. The wood grain draws attention to the gorgeous, ergonomic shape of the handle, and you can even get a matching dish.

Minimalist Bathroom Counter With The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

How to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Another overlooked area of the home is the bathroom. While your business in this room may not be as glamorous as your kitchen activities, it still deserves some interior decorating love!

Rethink Soap Dispensers

Aside from the toilet, shower, and sink, one of the most important parts of your bathroom is the soap dispenser. You can easily find an array of seasonally themed options, and some soap companies even produce special, novelty-shaped dispensers for certain scents.

However, having seasonal soap dispensers isn’t practical for everyone. In addition to the space you’d need to store these additional dispensers, you’ll also need to rotate them in and out. Having a single dispenser to fit any season or decor helps you organize your home by cutting down on clutter.

Having dedicated soap dispensers can also save you money. You can easily purchase large bulk orders of soap and refill the dispenser rather than constantly buying smaller bottles. For more eco-minded folks, this functional piece of bathroom decor can even be used as a stepping stone to the no-waste lifestyle.

The Polished Jar’s line of soap, lotion, and foaming soap dispensers are made of gorgeous glass or plastic. The pumps can be customized to fit your style and come in an array of colors and metals. With all these options available, you can easily create a simple, year-round dispenser for any bathroom.

To match your beautiful new soap dispenser, you can even add a bit more glamor with some decorative accessories. A timeless White + Gold Ring Dish, for example, is a perfect way to boost your home organization without sacrificing your home’s look. With its neutral colors and beautiful design, this functional little accessory keeps your rings and jewelry safe while you shower, regardless of the season.

Modern Laundry Room With The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

How to Clean Up Your Laundry Room

! An organized laundry room doesn’t have to be boring. It may not be somewhere you spend a lot of time, but your laundry room should look good, too. Even if it isn’t one of the stops on your usual house tours for guests, making your laundry room look nice can really brighten your day.

Utility Doesn’t Mean Ugly

When you design a laundry room, it may seem like a challenge to have any decorating ideas. However, there’s one key fact you should remember: even functional objects should be gorgeous. It’s the running theme of today’s post, but even the most useful things in your home can be elevated.

While a plastic trigger sprayer may do the job, adding a gorgeous glass trigger sprayer to your laundry room can help tie the space together. With a variety of glass colors, styles, and trigger options to choose from, The Polished Jar has a cleaning solution for every laundry room.

The Polished Jar Trigger Sprayer Bottle Dispenser

In any space, something as customizable and adaptable as The Polished Jar’s many artisanal products can be a life-saver. These one-time purchases can stay in place all year, which saves you money, time, and space.

If you’re hunting for even more ideas, you can always check out The Polished Jar’s blog for interior design tips and ideas.

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