Fall Home Decor Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom

The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Foaming Dispenser Hand Towel Fall Styled

The concept of Fall aesthetics has grown increasingly more popular, especially thanks to communities on Instagram, and many people are figuring out new ways to describe the personal styles that they like and want to incorporate into their home decor. 

While not everyone has the same taste in Fall decor styles, everyone does is somewhere on the spectrum of minimalism to maximalism in their home decor preferences. No matter if you prefer more or prefer less, there are ways for you to embrace the spirit of Autumn in your home without feeling over- or underwhelmed with your amount of seasonal decoration. 

To help out with decor inspiration for the Fall, we have come up with a few ways that lovers of minimal, maximal, or somewhere in between can decorate for the season.

The Polished Jar White Soap Dispenser and Ring Dishes Next to Pumpkin

For Our More Minimal Decor Fall Lovers

Not everyone is a fan of lots of decor or cluttered surfaces. For those of you who like a more minimal approach to decor, try incorporating more natural colors and textures into items you already have or that would be useful in your home. 

For example, this beautiful wood tray can hold your glass soap bottles and you’ve now incorporated a natural material without adding any clutter to your kitchen counters. Or try this gorgeous hazelnut specked ceramic tray that would make a beautiful addition to any bathroom counter. Its warm dark brown design will perfectly match right into that warm burnt color scheme of the fall season! It is a perfect way to add an elegant touch of decor to your bathroom counter while still being functional.

If you’re a person who wears rings, try sprucing your bathroom up by placing your rings in this delicate botanical ring dish, or if porcelain isn’t your vibe or you want to incorporate a more natural feeling material into your decor, try out this beautiful wood ring dish instead. 

Also, try adding in this natural pot scrubber brush made from bamboo wood and stiff palm and sisal fibers for a plastic-free and much prettier alternative to synthetic sponges. And best of all for our lovers of aesthetically minimal decor, this little brush matches well with the wood tray mentioned above so pairing the two helps create a simple but cohesive kitchen counter that celebrates the natural textures and warm browns of the fall season!

Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser On Soap Dish Next to Pot Scrubber Fall Styled

Don’t Worry Maximalists, We Didn’t Forget About You!

Of course, not all of us mind a bit of a festive mélange when it comes to decorating for holidays, seasons, and whatever other events we can think of. For those of us who like a bit more decoration (especially when it comes to the fall), what we want to focus on is the feeling that the fall gives us. 

Things like scented candles, dried flowers and grasses, plants, and small pumpkins all make amazing fall decorations. Additionally, things like knitted, crocheted, or even woven table runners, placemats, and hand towels make a great physical connection to the fall. Since fall is the time that most of us begin pulling out knit sweaters, this sensory connection helps to deepen that feeling of fall and reflect it inside our homes.

Shelf with The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers Fall Styled

Using the trays, bottles, hand towels and other accessories that we talked about above and can be used all year round as a basis for our more maximal decorations, we can make sure that we are achieving the glorious fall decor that we want without appearing messy. You can, of course, go as big or as small with the amount of extra decor you incorporate into your house dependent upon how much clear versus covered counter spaces you like to see. 

Whether you prefer more decoration or less, try a bundle package to get you started. A bundle like this can create the perfect base for more decorations or be a stand-alone set that not only works to give the feeling of fall but also functions as a beautiful and timeless set that will make your bathroom look clean, classic, and modern. If you really want to go for a beautiful fall mood with this bundle (that can of course look just as classy and elegant for all the other seasons of the year as well!), try going for amber glass soap bottles with either brass or copper pumps. This will put these hand soap and lotion bottles right into that beautiful fall color scheme!

The Polished Jar Soap Bottle Dispenser On Fall Styled Shelf

Make sure to check out our online store The Polished Jar to find kitchen and bathroom glass soap bottles and other accessories that will fit perfectly into your home decor style and will remain statement pieces of your style through any season!

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