Decor Ideas For Black & White Bathrooms That Will Never Go Out Of Style

The Polished Jar Black and White Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers

If you’re looking for a timeless design for your bathroom that can be enjoyed for years to come, it’s best to keep it simple, especially when dealing with a tiny bathroom. As such, sticking to a classic monochromatic, black and white color scheme is perfect. Elegant yet not over the top, black and white decor is a tried and true choice to turn your bathroom into the sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of, and here at The Polished Jar, it’s easier to find than ever.

Capturing the Look

The first step to putting together the perfect black and white bathroom design is to decide what exactly you want. In this case, your best bet is likely a sleek and modern marble style. First and foremost, start with a basic white bathroom, and add black accents. Especially in such a small space, taking advantage of natural light is key. While a touch of black can make a space pop, overusing it can cause your bathroom to feel small and cramped. Aside from this, however, it’s your space to do what you want, so let your creativity run wild!

Black and White Bathroom With The Polished Jar Bottle Dispenser on White Counter

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Choosing Counter Decor

With your bathroom remodel planned out, you’re now closer than ever to that beautiful bathroom you’re after. When finally putting together bathroom decor, focus on the counter first. As a space that you and your guests will use several times a day, a pristine counter makes for a pristine bathroom. 

Of course, you’ll need soap and lotion dispensers to match the room’s aesthetic. An excellent choice for the black and white aesthetic would be glass bottles from our Luxe Collection. With a sleek, modern, and elegant design, these bottles perfectly match the monochromatic design you’re going for. In addition, you’ll need a hand towel to go along with the soap and lotion dispensers. The Remy and Magalie hand towels introduce a touch of gray, mellowing out the contrast between other black and white elements, making them the ideal choice.

The Polished Jar Black and White Bottle Dispensers on White Tray

Decorating Your Shower

There’s nothing more relaxing than a shower or bath at the end of a long day, and nothing to improve it like a well-decorated bathroom. Shower curtains are immediately noticeable upon entering, so it’s important to make sure they fit in with the rest of the room. Here, you have two main choices: go for a sharp, darker curtain or an elegant white one. A black curtain will provide a sharp and stunning contrast, but a white one may provide a more relaxing, spa-like feel. Both choices are completely valid, so the choice is yours.

Next, you can begin working on the shower itself. The Luxe Collection mentioned above features not only soap and lotion dispensers, but shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers as well, so if you’ve ordered it for your counter, you’re already covered. You can bring out the dispensers even further with the use of a bottle tray. Our Portico Tray brings together elements of mango wood and marble, perfectly fitting your established aesthetic. It’s an invaluable piece of decor that adds a small yet endearing touch of modernism to your bathroom.

On the other hand,  if you want to go for something a bit simpler, our Handmade Concrete Trays are just what you’re after. Depending on what you’re after, you can choose between a white, light grey, and dark grey tray, allowing you to keep up your black and white design or introduce some contrast. In addition, we stock small and large sizes, so you can purchase a tray that fits perfectly in both the style and space of your shower.

A Timeless Design

Once you’ve finished your bathroom remodeling project, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Using well-rounded black and white decor introduces a sense of grace and serenity unlike any other. You’re sure to love it, and so are your guests and relatives, allowing yourself to take pride in your home like never before.

Chances are, you’re excited to get started on making the home of your dreams a reality, and it’s not nearly as distant a reality as it may seem. We at The Polished Jar have made it our goal to keep remodeling as simple a process as possible. With countless luxury projects available in countless styles, we’ve got something for everyone. Interested? Come visit our shop for not only the best decor money can buy, but a means to finally live in the space you’ve always wanted.

The Polished Jar Concrete Soap and Bottle Trays

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