7 Timeless Kitchen Counter Decorating Tips

7 Timeless Kitchen Counter Decorating Tips

Your kitchen counters are more than just utilitarian surfaces for working and eating in your kitchen. They are versatile places where you can celebrate the seasons, call attention to a statement piece, or arrange your most-used items so that they’re conveniently at hand whenever you need them. 

Decorating your countertops is an artful balance of maintaining enough free surfaces and honoring your aesthetic ideals. Here are our best tips for including your countertops in your kitchen decor in a way that features a timeless style.

1. Before All Else, Declutter

Before you rework your countertop in a fashionable, timeless style, you should declutter. This means taking everything off and giving the countertop a good scrubbing to make it shine. Afterward, identify the things you must have at hand at all times, and make sure they have a place on your countertop.

2. Organize With Creative Spaces

You can put things directly on the countertop, but if you break that space up with trays and pedestals, you’ll be able to compartmentalize and create an organized space. Pedestals are perfect for elevating candles or centerpieces, while trays are ideal for your smaller objects. The tiniest objects can find a home in a ring dish, and you can use a larger tray as a catch-all for things that end up on the counter that doesn’t stay there permanently. 

3. Know Your Style

Do you have a farmhouse kitchen, a modern kitchen, or something in between? Your kitchen style is a reflection of your tastes and the things that make you comfortable, so honor that by choosing high-quality decor pieces that will stand the test of time. Some pieces will look elegant no matter what your kitchen decor style is; these pieces feature timeless materials like wood, marble, and glass

Remember that individual pieces of decor do not define your style; instead, it’s the collective appearance of your kitchen and the pieces within it that give your home the atmosphere you want. 

4. Incorporate Splashes of Color

There are some color palettes that withstand any test of time; monochrome is always popular, and light neutrals give your space an expansive look no matter the size of your kitchen. You can bring these spaces to life with pops of color that rotate with the seasons. An easy way to do this is with tea towels. Bright tea towels and hand towels in warm colors add life and warmth to your space and make it feel homier and more comfortable. You can easily add color and texture to your countertop with runners, too. Candles are a great way to not only add visual interest but also scent to a space. 

5. Decorative Dispensers

Whether you have integrated countertops or a kitchen island, the area next to the sink is often a bare, utilitarian space. Bring your aesthetic touches to this area of the kitchen with reusable soap dispensers. Whether you use glass or plastic, beautiful dispensers can elevate the area around your sink. 

For warm spaces, choose amber dispenser jars; for a cooler, classic look, choose milky white or matte black. Clear jars will look lovely no matter what you want to bring to the space. You can choose metallic or matte dispenser hardware, too. Shiny metallic fixtures look luxurious, while matte textures look sleek and modern. The choice depends entirely on what you’d like to add to the space.

6. Add Texture

Countertops are vast, smooth expanses that can be livened up with contrasting textures. Concrete trays and soap dishes add a different visual appeal that will bring a bit of industrial-inspired chic to your space. Organic textures brought in by wood will make your countertop feel more organic; these accents are ideal for a country kitchen or a boho chic kitchen.

7. Personalize The Space

Regardless of your kitchen’s aesthetic style, personalized touches make it uniquely yours. Our engraved soap dispensers are the perfect way to completely personalize one aspect of your kitchen; it’s a design choice that can’t be found anywhere else because it’s your own personal touch. A set of these pumps for the liquids you dispense throughout your kitchen are a great way to bring cohesion to your countertop and create additional visual appeal. 


For even greater customization, the glass and plastic dispensers in our Signature collection can be further customized with your logo. Should you want your name on the bottle instead, our Monogram collection is also available in glass and plastic, bringing your personal identity right to the countertop. 

At The Polished Jar, we know how important the aesthetics of your space are to you. Your home is your sanctuary, and your kitchen countertops are a part of that. They should reflect your wishes and desires for your home and provide the environmental appeal that makes you comfortable. We are confident that our collection of hand-picked, timeless decor will be the finishing touches you need to make your home uniquely yours.

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