10 Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

10 Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

Fall is fast approaching as a new season for your home decor. The rich colors, textures, and even scents of autumn are a vivid source of inspiration for kitchen decorations and seasonal design. Whether you want a few subtle seasonal touches or you want to go all out with your autumn decor, here are ten decorating ideas that will have your kitchen ready for fall.

1. Choose A Warm Color Palette

Fall colors are some of the richest and most beautiful in nature. There are many ways to add fall color to your kitchen decor. One of the easiest is to introduce bright pops of color through table decor or tea towels. The rich cinnamon of the Fayette hand towel is a lovely color to bring into your kitchen when you’d like to evoke fall.

2. Use Natural Materials

Our eyes are naturally drawn to autumn’s harvest abundance and the withering and drying of plants. This dichotomy of life and decay is one of the elements that make fall decor so appealing because it uses natural materials to create variance and textural interest. Adding functional elements with natural materials like a wooden tray or a scrub brush with a wood handle and natural bristles will bring a touch of nature into your kitchen.

3. Make A Statement With Reusable Bottles

Fall is an ephemeral season that brings about ideas of change, but it’s also a time for permanence. It’s the perfect time to use reusable bottles for your soaps, lotions, and other dispenser needs. Amber glass is warm and timeless, and if you prefer lighter materials, reusable plastic bottles might be just what you want. For additional personalization, you can even customize the labels on these bottles, or even the bottle itself through engraving if you choose glass.  


4. Organize With Flair

You can incorporate the feeling of fall into your functional kitchen items just as easily as your more decorative pieces. Switching your organizational pieces that hold things on your tables and countertops can be a great way to bring new textures and colors to your kitchen without having to add more to your surfaces. New ring dishes, trays, and other organizational objects can be just the thing to add some timeless fall flair to your kitchen.

The Polished Jar Botanical Ring Dish

5. Incorporate Organic Textures

We associate strong textures like burlap with autumn– but in many kitchen applications, like your hand towels, for instance, you would not want to use something so rough. Instead, bring in organic textures by adding new tea towels and hand towels with a classic, rustic aesthetic that fits into any kitchen design scheme.

6. Introduce Autumnal Aromas

A scented candle can go a long way toward making your fall kitchen decor seem even more warm and welcoming. Even if you don’t light it, the wax’s fragrance will lightly perfume the air in your kitchen and add a certain touch to the atmosphere. Pumpkin spice is a classic fall scent, as are other gourmand scents like vanilla and cinnamon. 

7. Play With Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be incorporated into any kitchen aesthetic style. If you prefer a more minimalist kitchen, small monochrome-painted pumpkins tucked discreetly into a corner can add a delightful touch of fall flair. If your design sensibility is more maximal, a centerpiece of pumpkins or pumpkins on a pedestal can bring some whimsical warmth to your decor.

8. Use Wreaths and Garlands To Honor the Harvest Season

Because so many crops are harvested in fall, we associate the season with produce. To really add a fall atmosphere to your kitchen, you can put wreaths on the backs of your chairs or bar stools, or hang a garland above the sink. Both natural and synthetic flora can look amazing in your kitchen.


9. Find Feelings of Coziness

There is a concept in Nordic cultures called hygge. Hygge is a word that describes a mood of coziness and "comfortable conviviality" with feelings of wellness and contentment. Friendly coziness is the perfect feeling for fall. As the weather gets cooler, lean into the idea of making your kitchen a comfortable space where people can gather. Dress it up with a flannel table runner, comfy cushions, and warm tones in your decor. 

The Polished Jar Clear Plastic Bottle Near Brush and Pumpkins

10. Choose Copper

Copper metal accents are warm and lovely, and create the perfect look for fall. While some metal accents can be challenging to change, you can add copper in little places for a bit of warmth that will contribute to the autumn atmosphere of your kitchen. An easy place to put copper is the metallic accents on your reusable soap bottles. Copper hardware looks elegant and sophisticated and will dress up your bottles perfectly for the season.

There are so many ways to introduce fall elegance to your kitchen. At The Polished Jar, we specialize in timeless, classic home decor that will help you create the space of your dreams. Our kitchen and bathroom reusable bottles and other accessories will fit perfectly into your home decor style and will become statement pieces for every season. 

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