Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary with the Perfect Home Decor

The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers and Hand Towel on Bathroom Bench

Ultimately, the goal of every DIY interior designer is to create a cozy home environment. But how should you go about achieving that? Add a pop of color, or keep it simple? Go for the more luxury-based approach, or a more sleek and modern one? There’s no right way to pick out your home decor, so just go with what looks good to you! 

Naturally, living in an environment tailored to you does wonders for your mind and body. However, since it can be hard to figure out where to start, we’ve assembled a list of decor ideas for you to try. Find the cozy home decor that speaks to you, and let it spread through every room.

With Kitchen Island With Black Fixtures and Accents

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Living Room

Seeing as most of your time is spent here, your living room design is arguably the most important. A cozy living room makes for a cozy home, so it’s worth putting some extra effort into its decor. First and foremost, you’ll want to decide on a couch. The couch you choose will be the basis for the rest of the decorations, so make sure you pick one that allows you to kick back and relax at home.

When deciding on what style you want for your living room, consider what you personally want. That expensive coffee table can be as chic as they come, but if it doesn't cater to your personal tastes, you won't be happy. You’re the main inhabitant of your living room, so it should be your own. However, you can still go into the process with an aesthetic in mind, making sure that the individual pieces of decor still coordinate. 

Popular aesthetics include the sleek yet elegantparisian style, a contemporary minimalistic design, or a cozier rustic arrangement. Of course, there are countless others, and you’re not necessarily limited to just one. This room is for you to relax in, so if nothing you can find speaks to you, try mixing and matching! Of course, there’s some trial and error involved, but stretching out in your perfect living room makes it all worth it.

White Kitchen Island With Gold Accents
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Dining Room

To put it simply, the dining room is to your guests as your living room is to you, and your choice of dining room furniture can be just as important as the living room's. Especially for the socialites of the interior decorating world, the importance of a well-coordinated dining room can’t be stressed enough. If your goal is to wow your guests, this is just as important, if not more so than your skills as a host. You can take the same approach as with the living room, tailoring the room to your likings. However, if you want to go above and beyond, you’ll need to do a bit more planning.

To do this, consider your guests’ tastes and visual interests as well. Of course, individual rooms still need to maintain a similar aesthetic, but there’s no harm in taking some creative liberty. For example, say you’ve decided on a parisian aesthetic, but your friend group is partial to minimalism. The two styles are similar enough that you can combine them for a chic and modern dining room, guaranteed to please.

Bathtub Tray With Sponge and The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers


Though the house is where you’ll do most of your relaxing, there’s nothing quite like a luxurious spa day. You can just sit back, enjoy the warm water, and take your mind off life’s stresses and anxieties. But why bother scheduling expensive appointments when you can give your bathrooms the spa treatment? The Polished Jar makes products for this exact purpose, from shampoo and conditioner bottles to glass dispensers, with a variety of styles meant to fit any aesthetic you’re after.

If you use store-bought shampoo and conditioner bottles, you’ve probably realized that the bottles they come in don’t exactly mesh well with any aesthetics. The solution? The Polished Jar’s shampoo and conditioner bottles, with a choice between theMinimalist,Luxe, andFrench Modern collections, as well as a stainless steel funnel to make the transfer simple. Complete the look by laying the bottles out on ourSavannah Palm Pedestal, as well as a fewFayette Hand Towels to spruce up the walls. Just a few simple items can completely transform your bathroom, turning it into an oasis that’s perfect for your mental health days.

Redecorating your home isn’t at all the daunting task most people make it out to be. It’s a process that should be enjoyed and savored, a definitive step towards the home of your dreams. You can truly make the home your own, and have a living space you can be proud of. And when you’re after the perfect living space, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

This unwillingness to compromise quality is the foundation of the Polished Jar brand. We’re every bit as passionate about finding the perfect decor as you, and our products reflect that. Specializing in beautiful glass soap dispensers, hand towels, and other bathroom and kitchen accessories, we have something for everyone. So if you’re looking to revitalize your home, pay us a visit! We can guarantee you’ll leave happy and ready to create your perfect home.

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