Practical and Luxurious Home Decorating Ideas

The Polished Jar Amber Soap Dispenser Bottle on Bottle Tray

It’s amazing how a little touch of luxury in our homes can change the way we feel about our space and ourselves. If you want to lean into the limitless luxe possibilities for your home, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help.

Luxurious decor and luxury interior design aren’t just all about sparkly glitz and glamor. Even the most practical elements of your home can be luxurious. Truly modern luxury means bringing high-quality home decor into your space. It’s about choosing pieces carefully and well to create an atmosphere that feels as if it’s catering just to you. 

You can bring luxurious design into every room of your home, simply by making some small interior design changes. And while luxurious bedrooms have been popular for quite some time, there’s no reason that you can’t have a luxurious interior everywhere in your house. Even laundry rooms can get a touch of luxe design! 

The Polished Jar Luxury Soap Bottle Dispensers

Luxe Laundry

Your laundry room ideas don’t have to be hampered by the size or purpose of this room. One idea behind luxurious design is that you can add luxury touches to all of your nooks and crannies. Your washer and dryer might stay the same, but your personal touches can bring new life to this utilitarian space! 

For many people, the laundry room is where they store their cleaning supplies. Even these don’t have to be drab; you can add a touch of luxury with The Polished Jar’s glass trigger sprayers. You can fill these with whatever you like; whether that’s stain remover or household cleansers, the thoughtful touch and iconic design of these custom spray bottles brings a dignified air to even the humblest chore!

For more luxury laundry room ideas, why not turn to organization? Organization is one way to make a space feel more luxurious without feeling too spartan. The Polished Jar’s Portico Tray combines rich wood and sumptuous stone to hold all of your accoutrements in style. It’s a great way to leave your laundry needs at hand without having them feel cluttered. You’ll be folding clothes in perfect luxury in no time!

The Polished Jar Luxury Soap Bottle Dispensers

Beautiful Bathrooms

Even if your bathroom doesn’t have space for the ultimate bathroom fixture (an oh-so-luxurious soaking tub), there are dozens of ways to introduce your bathroom to luxury living. Your shampoo bottles, for instance. Keeping your shampoo in the plastic bottles from the store will clash with most aesthetics. If you want to be more intentional about your bath products, our refillable decorative shower bottles from our Luxe collection are just what you need. Combined with a silicone funnel to make filling them easy, they’ll add a level of spa-like sparkle to your shower or tub.

New bathroom towels are a great way to introduce some luxury into your bathroom’s design. Your bath towels should be thick and fluffy, but your hand towels are where your individuality and taste can shine. An elegant set of matching or coordinating hand towels, like The Polished Jar’s Zoya and Magalie, can add a level of polish to your bathroom that makes it all yours. 

The Polished Jar Luxury Soap Bottle Dispensers

Classy Kitchens

A luxurious kitchen design feels like a world of its own. And the key to that luxurious kitchen? Organization. Think about your kitchen counters and kitchen island. How many jars, bottles, dispensers, and other miscellaneous items have accrued on them? Kitchen organization is a great way to introduce a feeling of luxury without having to renovate anything at all. 

The area by your sink is often rife with clutter– and often doesn’t look very cohesive! Good organization and a tailored aesthetic are the embodiment of luxury interior design, and you can achieve both of these by rethinking the area around the sink. While some of your various kitchen products can go under the sink, others you will want to have out so that you can easily use them. 

The easiest way to make these products feel luxurious? Put them in glass soap bottles that match your kitchen’s aesthetic! You can reuse our jars over and over, ensuring that your kitchen looks its best, no matter what type of dish soap, hand soap, or lotion you’re using. The Polished Jar’s French Modern soap and lotion jar collection also come in opaque options if you want to go even further and ensure all of your jars look completely uniform. You can’t see the blue dish soap if it’s in a beautiful black jar!

The Polished Jar Luxury Soap Bottle Dispensers

A beautiful ring dish isn’t just lovely, it’s also practical. You don’t want to accidentally wash your jewelry into the drain or lose it while cooking. A designated spot to place your jewelry while you’re cooking and cleaning adds charm to your countertop and serves an important purpose for you. 

At The Polished Jar, we believe that every home can be draped in luxury, no matter what that means to you. Our products are chosen with you in mind, and we know we can help you find the perfect accessories to make your home limitlessly luxurious.

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