How To Organize Your Home Without Getting Overwhelmed

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Having a clean and well-organized home is not only extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps to give a peaceful and relaxing air to our lives. After a long day of work — whether in a traditional office building, bakery, department store, or your living room couch — the last thing we want when we begin unwinding is to get stressed about our homes.

Maybe you just moved into a new apartment, bought your first house, want to refresh your current living space, or  are looking to make 2022 the year where you finally bring organization to your home — whatever the reason for your organization kick, here are a few simple tips to make the process a lot easier.

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Get Organized Without the Stress

No matter how much you need to organize, it’s possible to get it done without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It’s all about breaking your work into manageable parts and setting a few simple rules for yourself. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Focus On One Area

Focusing on one area could mean tackling one room or even one part of a room (i.e. kitchen cabinets or under the bathroom sink) at a time. When we allow ourselves to fully concentrate on one task we are going to be much more successful in completing it. 

As a society, we place such a high value on the ability to multitask that oftentimes we do not notice that multitasking often just results in a few things done poorly rather than one thing done well. So when it comes to home organization, if we want to truly do it well, we should focus on one task at a time, complete it, and then move on to the next task.

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Block Out Enough Time

A lot of people tend to think organization will only take a few minutes or that they can partially organize something and then come back to it. While this means that you’re at least getting started with home organization, oftentimes it just results in frustration, feeling overwhelmed and even more chaos.

It is always better to allow yourself more time to finish a task and then enjoy finishing it early than it is to start a task and not be able to finish it. The latter results in a room that is messier than it started and a lot of stress.

Our Preferences Are Individual

You don’t need to be well versed in interior design to organize your home in a way that is pleasing to you. Most of us have quite strong preferences on the style of home, appliances, and decor that we incorporate into our lives — even if we don’t notice. 

A good rule when you’re not quite sure how you want to decorate is to create patterns and uniformity. As humans, our brains are constantly looking for things that belong together. So organizing your home in a way that creates a sense of harmony will give your brain a break after a day's work and make your home feel more inviting and relaxing.

Room Specific Organization Tips

Now that we have looked at some more overarching organization tips, let’s talk a little bit about how to approach the more generally cluttered rooms of our homes: the kitchen, bathrooms, and the laundry room.


The kitchen is one of the rooms in our homes that gets messy and disorganized the fastest. It is easy to crowd the countertops with dishes, soap, cleaning sprays, and appliances — but while all of these things might be useful, having them all over the countertops just creates a cluttered looking space that causes stress.

One easy way to help declutter your kitchen is to give your necessities a home on the counter and put everything else away in a cabinet or drawer. An elegant ceramic tray for your dish brush, glass soap bottles, or other by-the-sink requirements not only gives all of those necessities a home, but it also provides a hint of minimalist decor.

Another way to create a more elegant looking kitchen is to upgrade some of your necessities to be not only functional, but also beautiful! A set of matching glass soap bottles or gorgeous hand towels are easy ways of incorporating beautiful pieces into your kitchen without compromising functionality. 


Like kitchens, bathroom countertops have a way of accumulating bottles, cups, makeup bags, fragrances, and so much more. The first step for organizing a bathroom is to figure out what truly needs to be on the counter. What do you use on a daily basis that you want easily accessible?

Once you have decided what is going to stay on the counter, think about how you can make the selected items look cohesive. Maybe your moisturizer, facial cleanser, and hand soap can be re bottled into a set of glass soap bottles that will not only provide a refillable home for your products but are also beautiful elements of bathroom decor themselves!

Maybe you like to wear jewelry and you could use a ring dish or even repurpose an elegant soap dish if you wear lots of jewelry.

Laundry Room

A lot of us view our laundry rooms as a place to get work done. It is often full of laundry machines, bottles of cleaners, detergents, and overall is often the door we close when we have guests over.

But why can’t our laundry rooms have the same relaxing spa vibes that we are incorporating into our kitchens and bathrooms? With a little bit of thoughtful organization, they can.

Think about creating an aesthetically pleasing laundry room by transferring the assortment of cleaning supplies into labeled refillable bottles, this way your cleaning supplies will all look elegant and matching but you can still easily tell them apart. Like in the kitchen, you can place these newly upgraded cleaners onto a ceramic or wood tray as well.

Modern Laundry Room With White Cabinets

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