How To Decorate Your Kitchen and Bathroom Like a Parisian

How To Decorate Your Kitchen and Bathroom Like a Parisian

When you think of stylish French homes, certain things come to mind. A parquet floor, stainless steel, and chic modernism are common facets of many stylish Parisian-style homes. ‘Classic Parisian’ is an extremely popular look right now, and making your home mimic the style doesn’t have to break the bank!

Parisian Country House Bathroom Vanity Decor Black and White 

What is Parisian Style?

The modern Parisian style of decorating is rooted in chic modernism. Parisian decorating relies upon the contrast between clean, simple lines bouncing off of intricate, eye-popping curves. Much of the style relies upon a home’s structural qualities, which can make going all out an expensive endeavor.

A living space that truly aligns with the Parisian chic look will feature the luxury that comes with the city’s rich history. Marble fireplace mantels, intricate iron railings, wall moldings, and massive ceiling medallions are common facets in many upscale French homes. Adding all of this to your home, however, isn’t exactly feasible.

You can pull off a more down-to-earth version of modern Parisian decor with a bit of ingenuity and balance. Your first goal should be to find a large, gorgeous, golden gilded mirror. Hang this above your living room’s fireplace to imitate the ones commonly built in palatial French estates. After this is done, start brainstorming your home accessories.

For your color palette, you want to really lean into the neutrals. White, black, gray, and varied shades of brown are your best friends. Accent all of this with pops of luxurious gold. If you’re feeling daring or just want to step outside of the box, a few pops of your favorite color won’t hurt anyone!

Parisian Styled Laundry Room

It’s All About Balance

Your color scheme should clue you in on the way you want to decorate. Start curating a collection of furniture and accessories that act as opposites.

Start Small

Find a coffee table. Ideally, it should be a traditional style piece; you want the sort of intricate, hand-carved wooden furniture that dear old granny used to have. You want something with dark wood or a piece that will take some nice, medium to dark tone paint. Once you’ve located this, start accessorizing!

For a classic, refined look, pick up a round marble tray. The intricate detail of the white marble plays off its simple shape, making it a Parisian piece in itself. If you’re looking for something more modern, a plain concrete tray works, too. You can use this surface to place anything from coasters and remotes to keys and spare change. These days, a stylish white and gold hand sanitizer dispenser would be a perfect fit for the tray of your choice.

Modern French Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser

For a sense of unity, using the same (or similar) style of soap dispenser in your bathroom can work wonders. Fill it with hand soap and let guests marvel at how put-together your style is. You don’t have to tell them your secrets.!

Work Your Way Up

After you’ve nailed down the look you want, it’s easy to build from there. Start curating more delightfully contrasting furniture. Pair dark pieces with light accents, or light pieces with dark accents. Fill a modern bookshelf with ornate knick-knacks or display your modern vases atop a classic armoire.

For bathrooms, a clawfoot-style tub goes a long way. If you don’t have one, however, that’s fine! not a problem.You can still do a bit of work to make the space Parisian chic. Repainting existing hardware is a fairly cheap, but effective way to start prepping your bathroom for a Parisian makeover. Accent it with tasteful touches, such as botanically themed white-and-gold ring trays.

The Polished Jar Botanical Ring Tray

If you want, you can even mix in a bit of French country-style decor. The natural beauty of an Acacia tray wouldn’t look amiss in the Parisian bathroom of your dreams. Likewise, a gorgeous wooden pot scrubbing brush will fit perfectly into your stylish modern kitchen.

The modern Parisian aesthetic is all about blending classical, historic high style with modern simplicity. It’s a look that appeals to both sides of the aisle and stands out with its bold statement pieces. You don’t have to completely gut your home to score the perfect look, either. All you need is a bit of ingenuity and a bit of thrifting.

The Polished Jar French Modern Soap Dispenser and Pot Scrub

Above all, have fun. Don’t feel pressured to make your home perfectly mimic what you see in a magazine. Put what makes you happy on display, even if it doesn’t perfectly gel with the aesthetic. Call it an accent piece, our French Modern collection makes it easy to decorate! Your home should be where you feel at ease, so make sure you decorate it to feel that way. 

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