How to Declutter Bathroom Countertops

Modern Bathroom Countertop Vanity With a The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser

Hairbrushes, makeup, styling products, soap dispensers, lotion bottles, nail polish, and everything in between can all become an instant mess on a bathroom counter. Before you know it, the surface of your counter disappears beneath the clutter, leaving your bathroom looking chaotic and messy.

 Marble Bathroom Countertop Decluttered and Organized With The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser

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All of these products are necessary for a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they have to cause you stress sprawled across your countertop! Instead, there are a few simple and effective ways you can declutter and add a touch of personal and stylish flair to your bathroom space. Not only will your newly cleaned and cleared counters bring you peace and joy, but you can elevate your bathroom decor overall with a few simple touch ups.

Soap Bottle Dispenser on tray

The Perfect Products for Decluttering

It really doesn’t take a complete overhaul of your bathroom decor to clean up the clutter. In fact, you can try simply replacing or reorganizing some items you probably already own to make your bathroom feel more polished and put together.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to know where to start. So, take a look at some of our favorite recommendations for products that are sure to elevate and organize any style of bathroom.

Organized and decluttered bathroom countertop

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Bathroom Trays

Get your stuff off the counter and onto a tray. Seriously, this might sound like adding one more thing to your already busy bathroom counter, but you’ll be surprised by how much more organized it feels. Having a designated place for items like soap dispensers or lotion bottles will actually save you some space and make your countertop look more put together.

A tray also offers some variety in height, which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and provides contrast on your flat countertop. These bottle trays come in a variety of designs and colors -- from neutral ceramics for minimalist decor to rustic wood and simple patterns to add a little bit of texture to your space. These trays not only serve as a way to get organized, but can add a simple, effective touch to your bathroom decor.

Soap bottle dispensers on tray 

Clutter is only clutter if it feels cluttered! Give the clutter a designated place to live on the counter and suddenly you’ve turned your mess into a flawless and stylish statement piece.

Glass Soap Bottles

OK, but maybe now you’re looking at your regular old plastic soap bottle thinking it doesn’t look fancy enough for your brand new, chic bathroom tray. That’s why you should absolutely upgrade to reusable, glass soap bottles that match any decor and can even be personalized!

You’ll never have to throw away another plastic soap bottle with these refillable soap dispensers. They’re simple, stylish, and eco-friendly. 

The Polished Jar soap bottle dispensers on tray

Soap dispensers are traditionally the focal point of any bathroom countertop, so choose the style that best fits your vision for the bathroom. Looking for French Modern? Simple and minimalist? Or something timeless and elegant?

Whatever you choose, your soap dispenser is a great way to add a touch of style to your bathroom. There aren’t all that many options for personalization in a bathroom, so make your soap dispensers your main attraction -- especially if you plan to proudly feature them on a gorgeous bathroom tray for both elegance and organization.

Minimalist organized bathroom countertop

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Ring and Jewelry Dishes

Are you a collector of jewelry? Do you find yourself throwing it down haphazardly on the bathroom counter at the end of a long day like we all do? Before you know it you’ve lost an earring to the abyss below the counter or knocked an unlucky ring down the drain.

Our everyday accessories can definitely add to clutter when we don’t organize properly. That’s why a ring dish is a simple, but effective way to level up your bathroom decor and simultaneously banish your jewelry mess. Give your jewelry a proper home on your countertop so you’ll never misplace it again.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispenser on Tray next to a ring dish

Use these trays as a place for jewelry or as a catch-all for your other miscellaneous bathroom clutter. You can make anything look chic if you put in a gorgeous, gold-rimmed dish.

Saying Goodbye to Cluttered Bathroom Counters

It might sound counterintuitive to eliminate your mess by adding more stuff to your space, but the truth is, it takes specific items to truly master organization. There’s a difference between stuff strewn across the counter and stuff carefully placed in designated locations. It might be the same amount of stuff, but the effort and intention you put into it can turn even your most basic everyday items into an essential part of your decor.

The Polished Jar Soap Bottle dispenser on white countertop

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Just like you might file away papers and documents in specific folders, clutter is the same way; give it a place to “live” and it suddenly becomes a lot easier to manage. With the right bathroom declutter and organization essentials, you can clean up your cluttered countertop in no time!

Check out this great video that features The Polished Jar’s products, as well as a variety of other bathroom organization essentials to effortlessly transform your bathroom from cluttered to classy.



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