How The Polished Jar Celebrates the Earth Every Day

How The Polished Jar Celebrates the Earth Every Day

Earth Day is coming up! On April 22, everyone will enjoy the 32nd anniversary of this international event. However, at The Polished Jar, we are proud to celebrate and embrace the sustainability mindset of Earth Day every day!

Saving the World from Single-Use Plastic

Let’s start with the obvious: at The Polished Jar, we pride ourselves on our gorgeous collection of reusable glass (and plastic!) dispenser bottles. These gorgeous home goods and home decor pieces are crafted by our artisan partners, and their high-quality design is perfect for eliminating some single-use plastics from your overall carbon footprint.

According to Sustainability Daily Magazine, one of the best ways to make a small step towards having a truly earth-friendly home is to invest in some reusable soap, lotion, and sanitizer dispensers. For the best results, you’ll want sustainable products made with high-quality materials, like stainless steel.

Customized Soap Dispenser With Tray and Dishes

Both glass and reusable plastic dispensers serve as storage vessels for soap and hand cream. As such, you can shift your focus away from investing in heavy plastic containers. Instead, you can choose to purchase cartons of soap. You can even use bars to make your own liquid soap, which can then be safely stored and kept in The Polished Jar’s gorgeous dispensers.

It’s worth noting that, when you make your own liquid soap, you also tend to have more control over what goes into your product. This makes it much easier to make sure that no harmful chemical ends up on your hands.

Making Sustainable Decor Easy

In addition to our dispensers, The Polished Jar also offers accessories to help you easily move soaps, lotions, and sanitizers from point A to point B. Our funnels are perfectly sized for our bottles, so you never have to worry about messes. For thin soaps, such as homemade liquid soaps, you’ll want our stainless steel funnel. If you’re dispensing thick soaps or lotions, then the silicone funnel is your best bet.

The Polished Jar White Bottle Soap Dispensers  on Countertop

Creating Durable, High-Quality Products

Our reusable soap dispensers aren’t our only eco-friendly products, though! All of The Polished Jar’s stock is tailored to be the best and the most durable.

High-quality products are better for the environment than their cheaper counterparts. This is because a high-quality product will be less likely to break or wear out, which means that far fewer items will end up in a landfill.

We make our products to last. Outside of our signature dispensers, we also offer dishes and dish trays, dish brushes, soap dishes, hand towels, and reusable ceramic tags. All of these items are created by a team of artisan partners who ensure that your product is the best and most durable on the market.

The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers on Wood Tray

Using Sustainable Materials to Make Sustainable Decor

If a company is using harmful plastics, particularly those that are hard or even impossible to recycle, their products ultimately fail to be truly sustainable. Truly sustainable products are made to last and made of materials that can be easily recycled, repurposed, and acquired. 

Staying Soft with Eco-Friendly Fabric

All of our towels, such as our Cabana and Remy Hand Towel, are made with responsibly sourced cotton and wool. These textiles are woven by our skilled artisan partners using methods that deliver equal parts durability, beauty, and sustainability.

The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers Nest to Hand Towel on Tray

Creating Reusable Products with Ceramics

We also offer a wide range of ceramic products. Our reusable tags, White Ceramic Tray, and many other products are all-ceramic. This means that, even if they break, you still have something that can be reused. On an industrial level, broken ceramics can be reincorporated into a variety of products. However, at home, you can use broken ceramic bits as an accent material in your garden.

Using Sustainable Wood

Even our wooden products are made with high-quality sustainable materials.

One of our best-selling wooden products, our gorgeous Wood Ring Dish, is made of highly sustainable olive wood. This gives the product a gorgeous look and grain, but it also ensures that we avoid contributing to the unsustainable logging industry.

Another example of sustainably sourced wood can be found in our Essex Brush, which is made of beech wood. Unlike many other trees, beech trees are fast-growing and abundant, so we’re not cutting down forests or tapping into factory operations to craft our gorgeous eco-friendly product.

If you’re ready to sweep up and reduce your carbon footprint, then join us! Browse our collection of amazing products and see what sort of sustainable decor we have in stock!

The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers on Marble Tray Next To Brush

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