Easy Tips for Decorating a Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist white bathroom countertop with The Polished Jar bottle dispensers

Minimalism is a timeless design trend that is seeing a resurgence in popularity. It has its roots in the 1930s as a response to the highly decorative design trends following the Victorian era. Minimalism is especially popular for bathrooms, as it can make a small, dark space look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. 

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a design philosophy that prioritizes the essentials. Minimalist interior design is stripped to its core function and brought to life using limited materials, neutral colors, and simple forms. Minimalism avoids excess ornamentation to achieve elegance and seemingly-effortless simplicity. 

Minimalism can be summed up with the simple tenet “less is more.” Other principles of minimalist design include clean, simple lines and a focus on functionality. Minimalism also embraces monochromatic, limited color palettes with pops of color sometimes used as an accent to create a soothing environment. Minimalist object design spotlights craftsmanship and the use of well-chosen materials like concrete, steel, glass, and wood.

Tips For Decorating a Minimalist Bathroom

You don’t have to renovate your space to have a beautiful minimalist bathroom! You can change the look of your bathroom with smartly chosen minimalist decor and color choices. Here are some of our best minimalist bathroom ideas for your next bathroom redesign.

Keep Clutter Down

The biggest element of minimalist design is keeping your space clutter-free. This means sweeping through your bathroom and discarding or stowing away anything you don’t use. For the essentials that simply must be out on your countertops, storage solutions like bottle trays and soap dishes will keep things organized and in their place.

Use Clean, Airy Palettes

When designers are creating minimalist color palettes, they love white or light gray and neutral-toned palettes because of the clean and airy look they instantly give any space. Additionally, this is the perfect option if you have a smaller bathroom because light spaces appear larger, fresher, and more open. Materials like alabaster and white accessories like ring dishes will add a luminous touch of white that makes your space look more expansive.

Pick Limited Focal Points

Minimalism doesn’t mean “nothing.” You can have an elegant, minimalist modern bathroom and still have some key focal items that provide a simple, lovely element of contrast that only further highlights your sleek and elegant minimalist bathroom design. A single houseplant can act as a beautiful focal point in a minimalist bathroom, especially if it’s in a well-designed pot. 

Your bathroom decor can also add limited focal points that enhance your bathroom’s clean, minimalist look. Signature reusable soap dispensers with custom labels can help make your space more personalized without detracting from the clean lines of a minimalist bathroom.

Use Matte Fixtures

Matte fixtures look sleek and contemporary, and a little touch of matte texture is a great way to transform your bathroom without fully committing to new furniture. Faucets and handles can be swapped for matte versions, and you can even get reusable soap dispensers with matte hardware. Swapping in a touch of matte elegance is a nice touch for your minimalist bathroom.

Use Pops Of Color

Not everything in a minimalist bathroom needs to be black, white, or a shade of gray. Accent colors create a beautiful, soothing look that can highlight certain areas of the bathroom and draw attention to certain spots. This can make the room look bigger if you draw the eye to the best-lit portions of the bathroom. You can do this with paint, but it’s much easier to do with bathroom decor. Engraved glass soap dispensers in warm amber look beautiful and do double duty as perfect organizational pieces.

Be Creative With Tilework

Tiles are one of the most popular ways to decorate modern bathrooms, and in minimalist bathroom decor, they are both versatile and functional. Tile easily creates its own clean lines, and white is a popular tile color, which makes your space look larger. Tile can allow you to introduce creative geometric patterns and textures without leaving the minimalist aesthetic. You can use hexagonal tiles, rectangular subway tiles, chevron tiles, or mosaic tiles, just to introduce a few tile styles. 

Lean Into Minimalist Materials

Material is important to minimalist object design. A sense of permanence from concrete or glass is one of the major design sensibilities within minimalism. An important idea behind minimalism is the idea that you aren’t constantly replacing your items; instead, you are making choices based on quality and design sense rather than trendiness. Concrete trays can provide organizational space to keep your items tidy and help ground your bathroom. They provide contrast to lighter items and look great with other minimalist design mediums like glass, steel, and wood. 


At The Polished Jar, we believe your home should be your sanctuary, and that it should be a reflection of your personal taste. We specialize in timeless, classic home decor that will fit any style and bring you joy for years to come.

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