9 Simple and Polished Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

9 Simple and Polished Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

Organizing your bathroom countertop is a task that often gets swept to the side until we find ourselves with a chaotic, cluttered bathroom counter space. In frustration, we often sweep things into drawers, just wanting the space to be clear. If you take the time to organize your bathroom counter, you can have a sophisticated, elegant bathroom– with very little work.

All you have to do is arrange and organize your bathroom items with a simple, well-arranged plan in mind. This is easier than you might imagine. First, think about creating designated spaces on your countertop. Then, choose organizational solutions that you enjoy looking at– things you want to keep visible. 

Here are our 9 best ideas for a simple, polished, and elegantly organized bathroom counter. 

Marble Bathroom Countertop Decorated with the Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

1. Declutter With Trays

One easy way to declutter and designate space for your bathroom items is to create these spaces using trays. Bottle trays can keep your soap by the sink. You can also use them for many other items, including hair products, everyday makeup items, and dental hygiene tools.

Giving your items a “home” to return to makes it easier to ensure that items stay organized. Trays simplify the tidying-up process, and look well-placed with any aesthetic.

The Polished Jar White Bottle Dispensers on Bottle Tray

2. Add Catch-Alls

Place a catch-all on your counter to collect all the small items that will be put away at the end of use. This “temporary home” could be a ring dish or a small tray. Keeping your stray items corralled will make it easier to get them put away quickly. If you tend to accumulate lots of these items, adding another catch-all can be very helpful. 

Marble Bathroom Countertop with The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

3. Use Sustainable, Reusable Containers

Part of the appeal of a nicely organized bathroom is that it looks good as well as functions nicely. Your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve a bathroom that looks exactly the way you want. One way to easily polish the aesthetics of your bathroom is to replace disposable single-use plastic dispensers with elegant, sustainable reusable glass or durable plastic dispensers

Not only do these dispensers look gorgeous on your counter, they make it easier to buy your lotion, hand soap, and other products in bulk, which is more eco-friendly and saves money in the long run. 

You can also use your hardware choice for these dispensers as another elegant touch. For a polished, cohesive look, choose metallic hardware that matches your taps, or opt for a trendy-yet-timeless matte finish.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Wooden Tray

4. Stagger Display Heights

Your counter space is essentially a flat space, so get creative and use organizational options with different heights. Look for storage options that create vertical platforms, like acrylic storage drawers or risers

Creating storage platforms means that the space above your countertop can also be used. If you use the vertical space to the side, it’s likely that they won’t get in your way during your bathroom routines. Use of the vertical space also draws the eye and makes the area feel larger, so this is a great aesthetic touch for small bathrooms.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Wooden Tray

5. Organize With Baskets

The dark cabinet under the sink is another area that can quickly get disorganized. Adding baskets under your sink makes it much easier to maintain that space in an organized fashion. Baskets make it faster to find what you need and easier to fit things under the sink.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Tray

6. Use Natural Touches

Bathrooms can feel sterile and utilitarian, and natural elements can make the space feel more comfortable. Organizational items made from natural materials like wood, bamboo, and stone can encourage a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere. 

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Bathroom Countertop

7. Use Space Creatively

If you are organizing a small bathroom or have limited counter space, you may want to find additional spaces in your bathroom where some of your items could be stored. An over-the-door rack or other organizer might be a great place to store your hair tools. You could also install wall-mounted open shelving for more efficient use of wall space. 

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Bathroom Counter

8. Invest in Luxurious Materials

Add a touch of opulence while still staying well-organized by choosing luxurious materials for your organizational items. Just like natural materials, luxurious materials like stoneware, alabaster, and gold accents will add a significant touch to your bathroom’s character. These materials can make your bathroom look more chic and create a stylish, polished impression. 

White and brown bathroom with bottle dispensers on counter

9. Keep Your Soap Elevated

If you use bar soap by your sink, one organization must-have is a soap tray. Keeping your soap off the counter prevents any buildup of soap scum. It also keeps the area around your sink and under your taps cleaner. 

At The Polished Jar, we believe that your home is your sanctuary. We take pride in hand-choosing and providing organizational solutions and home goods to people just like you. Shop our catalog and scroll through our blog for more bathroom organization ideas.

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