Unexpected Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad In Your Life

Unexpected Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad In Your Life

When you think of Father’s Day gifts, there are a lot of old standby gifts that many people see as a default. Ties, aftershave, cologne, and other stereotypical gifts are common… but what if you want to get your dad something different? Something just as unique and special as he is? 

If that’s the case, you may want to look for a unique Father’s Day gift for your favorite father figure. Just like anybody else, your dad is probably overworked and a little stressed out. So this year, choose a gift that supports his self-care routine. Here are two ideas that can go together or be given individually for Father’s Day this year. 

1. Sustainable Luxury

To encourage Dad to take some extra time prioritizing self-care and relaxation, it is helpful to have the accouterments he needs for an enhanced grooming routine. If his toiletries are in nice containers that look great, it’s likely that he’ll spend more time on himself. Having the right accessories gives the bathroom a spa-like quality that your father is sure to appreciate. To get your relaxing Father’s Day gift started off on the right foot, start with our Father’s Day gift set

Featuring two custom dispensers with a special Father’s Day design, a toothbrush cup designed for sanitary storage, and an obsidian ceramic tray to keep everything organized, this set is a fantastic standalone gift. It also works as part of a bigger gift that focuses on giving Dad some time to relax; however you want to gift it is up to you.

Wooden bathroom tray with soap bottle dispenser, brush and towels

2. High-End Organization

Think about how much your dad carries in his pockets every day. It’s easy for clutter to build up in the spaces he uses, so make his life easier with an elegant organizational tray. Trays can be used in the bathroom to organize grooming and skincare products, in the hallway or kitchen as catch-alls for his keys, wallet, and more, or in the office office as a place to store and organize work supplies. 

Trays help keep clutter down and make it easier to find things as you need them. You can find an organizational tray that matches any aesthetic– from the warmth of natural wood to the opulence of polished marble

Father’s Day is about celebrating dads of all kinds, and your Father’s Day gift should be just as unique and special as your dad. Treat your dad to the gift of relaxation and self-care with the Father’s Day gift set from The Polished Jar, or one of our other fine home goods

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