Year Round New Year’s Resolution: A Clutter-Free Bathroom
With the new year just around the corner, it’s a great time to take a step back and look at your home. You deserve a home that feels like a sanctuary, but sometimes clutter and disorganization can lead to feelings that are less than cozy. This is why decluttering your home is such a popular New Year’s resolution; the feeling of a clutter-free home is both relaxing and empowering. 
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Tips for a Minimalist Home Transformation in 2023
Minimalism is a home decor style that’s becoming increasingly popular these days. People love it for its clean lines and clutter-free aesthetic. It is a design philosophy that involves living with only the things that you absolutely need. Here are some of our best tips for how to decorate a minimalist home.
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How To Create a Peaceful, Organized “Me Time” Space

The Polished Jar knows a thing or two about biophilic spaces. We know the importance of having rooms designed to fit individual tastes and cultivate mindful energy. That’s why our artisans work to create the most amazing products that they can, so that you can enjoy your peaceful bathroom, organized kitchen, or whatever your individual “me time” space may be.

Join us as we help you reduce stress by creating a space where you can truly engage in some rest and relaxation.

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