How To Give Your Kitchen a Mini Makeover

How To Give Your Kitchen a Mini Makeover

Your kitchen is likely one of the most-used spaces in your home. For many of us, the kitchen isn’t just where we cook or eat; it’s where we open the mail, where we get work done, where we catch up and talk and simply live. The kitchen frequently holds the heartbeat of your home; that’s why it’s so important that this space stays functional and personal. 

If your kitchen needs a refresh and you don’t want to deal with the disruption of a full renovation, why not go for a kitchen makeover? With a little organization and a refresh of your kitchen decor, you can make your favorite space look fresh and new with very little effort. Here are our best tips for making your kitchen feel like a brand new space– without the hassle or cost of a renovation.

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Declutter Your Counter Space

Quick, without looking, what’s on your countertop? The answer is probably quite a few things, and that isn’t always ideal. Countertops (and sink areas) seem to attract clutter, so before you do anything else, go through and clear everything off. Then, really examine your counter space. What needs to be out all the time? 

Setting up a permanent ‘home’ for your most-used items with trays and pedestals can help keep your space tidy and organized. Catch-alls and ring trays can provide a temporary space for small items that can be put away throughout the day, which will also help keep your counter space nice and neat.

Do A Thorough Clean

Before you bring in new decor, make sure your kitchen is clean. Grab your cleaning supplies and wipe down your shelves, clean out the fridge and pantry, and dust all of your surfaces. Now is a good time to reexamine your kitchen organization, too. Does everything make sense where you have it? Are you making the most of your cabinets and shelves? If there’s something about your kitchen organization that’s been bothering you, now is the perfect time to change it.

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Examine Your Style

As you rethink your kitchen’s appearance, it is a good time to consider the aesthetics of your kitchen and whether or not you want to change them. Whether you prefer timeless or trendy styles, the mini-makeover is a great option for refreshing or altering your style. 

You might want to try out a modern farmhouse, stylish Parisian, or boho chic kitchen this time around, or you might just want to bring a little new life to your existing style. Whatever you do, you should give yourself permission to play around with the space and explore what you can do with it. It’s your home and your kitchen– you’re in charge.

Add a Splash of Color

If you’re renting, this might not be feasible, but if you own your home or have permission to paint, dress up your kitchen with a fresh coat. You don’t have to paint the whole kitchen– a new color on an accent wall or backsplash can totally transform your space.

If you can’t paint or don’t want to paint, there are other easy ways to add a new color to your kitchen. Simply adding some bright tea towels can add a splash of color to the room that add a new dimension to the space.

Wood tray with soap bottle dispenser and tea towels

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Switch Out Your Hardware

Knobs and drawer pulls are easily switched out, and your kitchen can take on a whole new life when you swap your old hardware for something new and unique. Options like metal with a matte black finish, shiny brushed aluminum, or rich copper or gold-toned finishes can totally change your kitchen’s atmosphere. For an elegant, polished look, add reusable soap dispenser bottles with hardware that matches your new drawer pulls or knobs.Kitchen Counter with The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

Let Nature In

Adding natural elements is a great way to bring new life to your kitchen. A tasteful houseplant will add life to the space. You’ll want to place it on a pedestal or round tray to create an elevated, intentional space for it, as well as to keep errant dirt and water rings off of your countertop. You can also add botanical-inspired elements, like a gold-accented botanical ring dish, to reflect the idea of bringing nature into your space.

Refresh and Rearrange the Furniture

Changing how your kitchen is arranged is another way to renew the space. If you have barstools at your kitchen counter, consider adding cushions or reorienting their position. Think about what would make your space more inviting and easier to navigate. The mini makeover is also the perfect time to wax, polish, stain, or resurface your furniture to change up the look. 

No matter how you choose to refresh your kitchen, at The Polished Jar, we believe your home should feel uniquely yours. When it’s time to give your kitchen a mini makeover, our collection of hand-picked decor and accessories will provide you with the inspiration and timeless quality you need to personalize your kitchen just the way you want.


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