How To Create an Organic Modern Bathroom & Kitchen

The Polished Jar Amber Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers

If you tend to gravitate toward modern mixed with cozy elements, you might like an organic modern style. By combining natural, handmade pieces with neutral colors like white, cream, and beige, you can achieve a beautiful look in your home that still feels light and refreshing.

There are a lot of ways to spruce up the interior design in your bathroom or kitchen without undergoing renovations. Here at The Polished Jar, we offer design tips and unique home decor to make your home design feel special and inviting. 

Why Organic Modern?

An organic modern design joins natural materials and clean lines to create a delicate balance between minimalism and midcentury modern. Using durable, organic materials, including linen, wool, leather, or wood, and neutral colors, including white, cream, or beige, organic modern design adds depth to a living space. 

If you’re planning to give your kitchen or bathroom a little makeover this season, be sure to look for modern and natural elements to make each room more inviting. Soon, you’ll have an organic modern home in no time. 

Organic Modern Bathroom Design Elements

A bathroom is a sacred space where many of us prefer to wind down after a hectic day. Sometimes, we just need a designated place to luxuriate from the comfort of home. 

So if you’re thinking about exploring organic modern design, the bathroom is a great place to start incorporating those modern and organic elements. Think whites, creams, beiges, and clean lines. You can also mix those colors with some warm tones by incorporating a few handmade, organic materials, like woven seagrass, linen, or wood. 

As you’re designing the bathroom, it’s often easier to focus on the sink and vanity areas first. You can start by implementing sleek bathroom decor for pops of modern style around the sink, like glass soapbottles or a Honeycomb Soap Bar Tray. And don’t forget to add some light hand towels near the sink or shower. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, this artisanal, sophisticated hand towel will bring an effortlessly minimal look to your bathroom.

Along with modern elements, look for areas in the bathroom where you can include some earthy, warm tones. This global Acacia Wood Tray invites plenty of warmth into the bathroom and would be a perfect way to organize your glass soap bottle collection. 

The Polished Jar Acacia Wood Trays

Organic Modern Kitchen Decor

So, what exactly does an organic modern kitchen look like in a home? While there’s no exact way to perfectly replicate an organic modern style, it’s all about using comfortable, inviting elements that you will love for your space. For your version of an organic modern kitchen, consider any white, cream, or beige accents for touches of modern style. Incorporate those color accents either on your kitchen’s painted walls, countertops, or kitchen decor. 

Using simple storage solutions that double as decor is vital for any type of home design. In the kitchen, take your organic modern design elements one step further by making your washing station clean and cohesive with some classic soap dispensers, bottle trays, or ring dishes. You could pour some hand soap into a glass bottle or two from the Minimalist Collection, storing it on one of these white concrete trays in the larger size. 

Bottle trays are a welcome storage solution for soap dispensers, creating a subtly chic look that elevates a kitchen’s design. Additionally, you could organize a small, practical kitchen item, such as the organic bamboo pot scrub brush, on top of this handcrafted speckled ring dish for a pop of natural texture and cohesion. 

The Polished Jar Amber Bottle Dispensers and Acacia Wood Tray
Image: @theglamkraker on Instagram

There are plenty of other opportunities for organic modern design in the kitchen, including in the fabrics you choose. You can add some beautiful hand or dish towels for washing your hands in the kitchen sink. Aim for a warm blend of minimalist and rustic with these Cinnamon Spice Dish Cloths. Or perhaps you want to preserve the clean comfort of your kitchen with these elegant, yet functional, Flour and Sugar Tea Towels. Both sets of towels would make fantastic organic modern design options.

The Polished Jar Spice Island Bamboo Bottle Tray


With these organic modern design suggestions, you can feel confident that your home will be a fun and inviting place. At The Polished Jar, we understand that your home should be your safe, cozy space, and we want to help you find the perfect decor for your home without sacrificing quality or style. 

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