Elevate Your Shower Routine with Beautiful & Luxurious Decor

Elevate Your Shower Routine with Beautiful & Luxurious Decor

With the right bathroom style, decor, and organization, you can create a relaxing and refreshing shower experience. Rather than the bath-centric decor that was trendy in the past, bathroom trends have shifted to focus on showers. Aside from being another great way to start or end the day, showers are great for conserving water, and in a time when environmental consciousness is more important than ever, it’s no wonder so many are drawn to their showers.

Naturally, an influx of bathroom decorating ideas has resulted from this new trend, giving you all the inspiration you need to come up with the perfect redesign. Whether you’re after something low-key or opulent and luxurious, here are a few of our beautiful and practical bathroom decor pieces you can use to elevate your shower.

Start with the Shower

This may seem obvious, but starting with the shower area is the most important part for a relaxing and reinvigorating shower. Your favorite products for a spa-like luxurious self-care routine deserve to be organized and displayed in a clutter-free, elegant, and sophisticated way. Choose cohesive customized bottle dispensers for a beautiful and aesthetic look.

For a minimalist style, while being mindful of safety, durability and sustainability, the Signature Soap Dispenser is the perfect choice.

Make it Pop

While a simple monochrome decor style is perfect for creating a relaxing minimalist aesthetic, you may want to consider adding a bit of variation. Adding a few colored accents here and there will maintain the minimalist decor style you’ve already established while using contrast to keep things interesting. Our products are designed with a simple, laid-back atmosphere in mind, but we also provide a few of these colorful accents, giving you a chance to experiment with your decor style. 

Our Fayette Hand Towel, for example, combines a stunning color with a practical, minimalist design. We recommend it for homes with a simple modern farmhouse aesthetic, where its warm color scheme will fit in perfectly with timeless wooden design elements. 

The Polished Jar Hand towels

Add Natural Elements

To create a timeless, peaceful shower design, natural elements are the way to go. They’re simple enough to blend right in with your existing decor, but the extra color and texture they’ll bring to the space make a world of difference. Some of our favorite ways to implement a natural decor theme are through the use of natural materials like wood or unpolished stone, floral imagery, and the use of a natural color scheme. 

As far as natural materials go, we provide a wide variety of options that are as beautiful as they are practical. One of our favorites is the Savannah Palm Pedestal, featuring a woven basket design that’s roomy enough to keep all your shower products in one spot. Pair it with a set of engraved glass soap and lotion dispensers from our French Modern Collection for a perfectly relaxing ambiance that’s equal parts cozy and elegant. 

The polished Jar Savannah Palm Pedestal With bottle Dispensers

Go Beyond the Shower

Of course, your shower routine goes far beyond just taking a shower. Once you’ve finished showering, you’ll also be wrapping up your skincare routine and getting ready for the day, so the aesthetic you’ve established in the shower can be applied in other areas as well. Our Charlotte Tray is a perfect rustic addition to your countertop, featuring a simple yet gorgeous wooden design. It’s perfect for storing your countertop toiletries like makeup, skin and hair serums, and other odds and ends.

In addition, a convenient place to store small accessories not only provides convenience but adds to the room’s overall style. For a natural aesthetic, you may be interested in something like our Botanical Ring Dish. With an elegant design featuring an imprint from a real plant, its subtle appeal is perfect for a more rustic vibe.

If you’re looking for modern decor, our White + Gold Ring Dish is another excellent option. Its design makes the most of its individual components, using a gorgeous gold accent to emphasize the white ceramic base. While it’s the perfect size for small accessories like hair clips or rings, it’s also small enough to fit right in with your Polished Jar tray, helping to create a composed and put-together sense of style.

The Polished Jar wood Tray with Ring Dish


Make Cleaning a Feature

Though cleaning tools are often thought of as something to be hidden when not in use, this doesn’t have to be the case. Polished Jar cleaning brushes use high-quality materials that are built for durability and aesthetic appeal, not only allowing them to fit in with the rest of the decor but enhance it. 

Our Bedford Brush features a simple yet effective combination of a birch wood handle, metal accents, and a leather hanging tie for an elegant flourish. It’s perfect for contemporary and rustic designs alike, adding a sense of poise and refinement to any space.

If you’re committed to the modern farmhouse look, however, the Essex Brush is perfect. Designed to mimic classic brush designs from years past, it’s right at home with other natural wooden elements, and creates a comfortable, relaxing vibe.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of beautiful and practical bathroom decor. With so many accessories, styles, and combinations available, we at The Polished Jar are here to provide you with everything you need for the perfect home decor, so feel free to visit our shop.

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