10 Airbnb Décor Ideas to Make Your Property Stand Out

10 Airbnb Décor Ideas to Make Your Property Stand Out

Eclectic art that tells a story, quirky cushions that invite a smile, vintage lamps that cast a welcoming glow. There are so many unique Airbnb décor ideas – imagine what they can do to make your property stand out.

From effortlessly stylish soap dispensers to elegant bathroom accessories, learn how to make your Airbnb a memorable one. Read on to create an Instagram-worthy Airbnb that guests won't just love to stay in but will also eagerly share online.

10 Ways to Master Airbnb Interior Design

Developing a cohesive Airbnb interior design is like setting a stage – every element has a role to play. The key is to blend color schemes, themes and décor elements in a way that tells a harmonious story. Here's how to make your Airbnb unique.

Stick to a Color Palette

1. Stick to a Color Palette

Choosing a cohesive color palette creates a visually pleasing environment. For example, a beach-themed Airbnb might use blues, whites and sandy tans. Paint walls in these colors, select linens and throw pillows that complement them and even choose artworks that align with this palette. It's not just about aesthetics; a consistent color scheme can make your space feel more tranquil and put-together.

Example: An Airbnb owner used a palette of soft grays and blues, which guests frequently mentioned in reviews as being calming and elegant.

Select a Theme for Your Airbnb

2. Select a Theme for Your Airbnb

A theme can transform a generic space into an experience. For a beach getaway, you might include décor like driftwood art, sea glass or nautical maps. In a rustic lodge, think about adding antler decorations, plaid fabrics and woodsy artwork. It's important not to overdo it; the theme should feel natural and not like a theme park.

Example: Theme your urban loft with vintage rock posters and retro furniture to create a hip, nostalgic vibe that's a hit with guests.

Mix Textures Thoughtfully

3. Mix Textures Thoughtfully

Textures add depth to your space. A velvet couch, a woolen rug and metallic lamp fixtures can coexist to create a rich, tactile environment. In a seaside Airbnb, mix smooth, weathered wood with linen curtains and jute rugs. These combinations can make spaces feel more inviting and interesting.

Example: Mix leather, fur and knitted textures in a mountain cabin, creating a cozy, layered look that guests will love.

Use Consistent Décor Elements

4. Use Consistent Décor Elements

Repeating motifs or elements can unify your space. In a beach house, use shell motifs in various rooms – a shell-framed mirror in the bathroom and shell-patterned cushions in the living room. For a cabin, consistent use of rustic elements like log furniture or bear motifs can tie spaces together.

Example: An urban Airbnb host uses geometric shapes in art, pillows and rugs throughout the property, creating a modern, cohesive feel.

Add Personal Touches

5. Add Personal Touches

Small details can elevate the guest experience. Providing luxurious bathrobes, fluffy towels and luxury soap, shampoo and lotion dispensers can make guests feel pampered. Customizing these items with your Airbnb's name adds a professional touch. Plus, it's an inexpensive way to leave an impression- no remodeling, tools, or time commitment needed.

Example: Go the extra mile by providing a small welcome basket with local snacks, a thank you note and a customized soap dispenser as a memento of their stay and a reminder to visit again.

Play With Lighting

6. Play With Lighting

Lighting is a must for setting the proper mood. Use a combination of overhead, ambient and task lighting. Soft, warm lights can make a space feel cozy, while brighter, white lights are great for reading or work areas. Dimmer switches are a great addition, allowing guests to adjust the lighting to their preferences.

Example: Add fairy lights and lanterns to a patio area, creating a magical evening ambiance that will receive high praise in reviews.

Incorporate Local Art

7. Incorporate Local Art

Showcasing local art supports the community and gives your guests a unique, local experience. This could be paintings, sculptures or even handcrafted furniture.

Example: A host in New Orleans decorated their Airbnb with art from local street artists, giving guests a true feeling for your city's vibrant culture.

Install Furnishings That Are Comfortable and Stylish

8. Install Furnishings That Are Comfortable and Stylish

Choose furniture that's both visually appealing and comfortable. A stylish, plush sofa, ergonomic chairs and a king-sized bed with high-quality linens can make a big difference. Multi-functional furniture, such as a coffee table with storage or a sofa bed, is great for maximizing space.

Example: If your Airbnb frequently hosts business travelers, providing a small, stylish desk with a comfortable chair and good lighting will be highly appreciated.

Add Greenery

9. Add Greenery

Plants can make a space feel more alive and welcoming. Opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents or snake plants. Fresh flowers can be a lovely touch, especially if they're from your own garden.

Example: One host created a small indoor herb garden in the kitchen, allowing guests to pick fresh herbs for their meals.

Create a Feature Wall

10. Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall can become a conversation piece and focal point in your space. This might be a wall painted in a bold color, adorned with unique wallpaper or a gallery of interesting art and photographs.

For example, create a feature wall with vintage travel posters to add color and spark conversations about travel and adventure.

How to Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

Making your Airbnb listing stand out involves a combination of compelling visuals, detailed descriptions, competitive pricing and excellent guest services. Here are some key strategies:

  • High-Quality Photos: This is arguably the most crucial factor. Ensure your photos are high-quality and well-lit – and showcase the best features of your space. Consider hiring a professional photographer. Include a variety of shots, such as the exterior, each room and any special perks.
  • Detailed and Accurate Descriptions: Your listing description should be detailed and paint a clear picture of what guests can expect. Highlight unique features, local attractions and any amenities that set your place apart. Be open and honest about any limitations or quirks.
  • Competitive Pricing: Research similar listings in your region to ensure your pricing is competitive. Consider dynamic pricing strategies that adjust for peak seasons or special events in your area.
  • Unique Amenities and Features: Offer amenities that make your place stand out, like high-speed internet, a fully equipped kitchen or special touches like a coffee machine with a selection of coffees. If your space has unique features like a great view, a hot tub or is pet-friendly, make sure these are prominently mentioned.
  • Instant Booking and Flexible Policies: Offering instant booking can make your listing more appealing. Also, having flexible check-in/check-out times and cancellation policies can be a big draw for guests.
  • Prompt and Friendly Communication: Respond quickly to inquiries and be friendly and helpful. Personalized communication can make a big difference in how guests perceive your listing.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Encourage guests to leave reviews and make sure you respond to all of them, both positive and negative, in a constructive and friendly manner. High ratings and positive reviews can significantly boost your listing's appeal.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your listing up-to-date. Regularly update your photos, descriptions and amenities based on guest feedback and changes to your space.
  • Local Touches: Adding local touches, like guides to local attractions or amenities that reflect the local culture, can make your place more attractive.
  • Profile Completeness: Ensure your Airbnb host profile is complete and includes a friendly photo and a personal description. This adds a level of trust and relatability to your listing.

Remember, the goal is to create a listing that not only catches a potential guest's eye but also provides all the information they need to make a booking decision.

Frequently Asked Questions: Airbnb Décor Ideas

Here are some common questions about Airbnb décor ideas that can guide you in making your property stand out.

How Can I Create a Cohesive Look Throughout my Airbnb?

Focus on a consistent color scheme and theme. Use similar color palettes and décor elements in different rooms for a unified feel. Polish off your look with finishing touches like personalized soap dispensers and other elegant bathroom accessories.

How Do I Make My Airbnb Guests Feel Special?

When they make their reservation, ask if they have any special requests. Are they traveling with children? Do they need a place to conduct business? Is there anything else they require to make their stay more comfortable? In addition, consider welcome baskets, personalized notes or a guidebook with local recommendations.

What Are Some Quick Décor Changes I Can Make to Refresh My Airbnb?

Changing throw pillows, adding new art pieces or introducing fresh plants can quickly update the look of your space. Updating light fixtures and installing new curtains and blinds can also make a world of difference.

Put Your Airbnb Décor Ideas Into Play

It's time to take these Airbnb décor ideas and make them your own. The Polished Jar is here to provide those finishing touches that help make your Airbnb a home away from home. Explore our bestsellers for more Airbnb interior design enhancements that contribute to a captivating and cohesive guest experience. Begin your journey to a standout Airbnb today.

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