9 Spring Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen

9 Spring Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen

As the weather warms up and the Earth shakes off winter’s frost, the transition to spring brings new life and energy to everything it touches. We feel renewed with the changing of the seasons, and we often like to reflect this in our homes. Spring decorating brings cheer and brightness to any space, and your kitchen is no exception. Here are 9 ideas for your kitchen decor that align with the brightness and joy of the season.

1. Add A Floral Touch

Celebrate the season with whimsical, botanic-inspired touches. Flowers are an instantly recognizable symbol of spring, and spring decor that uses floral motifs will fit in with any kitchen aesthetic or design scheme. A flower-inspired ring dish or a dish that uses the impressions of actual leaves will look lovely on your counter or beside your sink.

2. Bring In Pastels

Let the colors of spring serve as inspiration for your decor update. The bright green of new leaves, the delicate pinks, yellows, and purples of early blossoms, the pale blue of a babbling creek… Spring is a rainbow of pastel colors. Choosing tea towels with creamy bases and pastel accents is an easy way to bring in pastels without changing the look of your kitchen too much. It’s a little touch of color that makes a beautifully subtle difference.

3. Use Natural Materials

Natural materials are a way to harmoniously bring nature into your home. Adding a little touch of the wild to your household is a way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home, chasing away the winter doldrums. Organic elements like bright bamboo or rich acacia wood will bring a beautiful natural element to your kitchen.

4. Let The Flowers Bloom

Another great way to bring nature into the home is to bring in a potted plant or fresh-cut flowers. A cheery spray of blooms or a soothing patch of green will invigorate your space. Houseplants can even help keep your air clean. Place your plants on a pedestal to elevate them and highlight them within your kitchen.  

Bottle dispensers on wood tray

5. Declutter

They call it “spring cleaning” for a reason. Spring is a time for renewal and rejuvenation, and one of the best ways to re-enliven your space is to make sure that it’s organized and that your surfaces can shine. 

Decluttering allows you to start your season with a refreshed approach, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Create designated spaces on your countertop for your daily necessities; a soap tray by the sink can organize your dispensers, while a sponge tray can keep your counter free from both clutter and soap scum. Give your kitchen a good spring clean and see it come to life, just like the world outside.

Bottle dispensers and brush

6. Bring In Subtle Textures

Airy, breezy fabrics are absolutely perfect for spring. Bringing in textures and lightness is another way to incorporate your towels into your spring decorating. A beautiful woven tea towel in light colors and using lightweight natural fabrics will have a soft, subtle texture that’s perfect for spring. Refreshing your kitchen towels is a great way to bring new energy to your kitchen for spring.


Bottle Dispensers on Kitchen Counter

7. Embrace Fresh Scents

Do you use scented lotion or soap in your kitchen? If so, consider a bright spring scent that will invigorate you every time you wash your hands. Bright Meyer lemon, soothing lavender, and all of the bright, blooming scents are perfectly appropriate for spring. And when you pour those scents into eco-friendly reusable soap dispensers, perfectly placed on their tray by the sink? You couldn’t ask for a better reflection of spring.

Lemon Floral Arrangement on White Kitchen Counter

8. Accessorize

Spring is a time of abundance, so adding a few accessories to your decor here and there fits well with the atmosphere of the season. Keep your accessories from turning into clutter by having a designated place for them. You may also wish to pick accessories that serve multiple purposes; for instance, a marble coaster is a beautiful object, but it also protects your tabletops from water rings or heat damage. 

Marble Coaster Tray and Bottle Dispenser

9. Make Things Easy and Breezy

As you decorate your kitchen for spring, don’t confuse “decluttered” for “empty.” Decluttering and spring cleaning aren’t about eliminating everything from your kitchen; rather, they entail creating an organized, useful system that makes your kitchen easier to use. Make sure that the items you use are within easy reach and not hidden away where you won’t find them. Upgrade your cleaning products to dispensers that you’re proud to have in view. Choose objects for your countertop that make you feel happy. Your kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in your home; it should feel inviting to you and make you feel like you’re truly at home.

Uncluttered White Kitchen Counter

At The Polished Jar, we are confident that our catalog of hand-picked decor and custom dispensers holds your next favorite piece. Follow our blog for more decor and organization tips and ideas.

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