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    Beautify Your Space With Stunning Bottle Trays

    Adding a bathroom tray brings a fresh, organized look to your space. Imagine your bathroom essentials neatly displayed on a chic ceramic bathroom tray or your kitchen counter organized with a sleek marble kitchen tray. It's about creating a space that feels both tidy and inviting – and it's the perfect way to keep your essentials at hand without sacrificing style for functionality.

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    Find a Bathroom Tray in Your Favorite Materials

    We believe the beauty of your home lies in the details, and our trays are a testament to that. We've curated a selection of materials that stand the test of time and complement your home's aesthetic. Our selection includes:

    • Ceramic: A symbol of sophistication, our ceramic vanity trays are ideal for those who seek a blend of durability and elegance. These trays add a polished look to any countertop. With their glossy finish and heavyweight feel, they add a luxurious touch to your bathroom vanity or kitchen counter.
    • Marble: For an instant infusion of luxury, look no further than our marble trays. Each piece boasts unique veining, ensuring no two trays are exactly alike. Marble's cool, smooth surface is a timeless addition to your space, serving as a stunning backdrop for your toiletries, perfumes or kitchen essentials.
    • Bamboo: Embrace the warmth and eco-friendly appeal of bamboo with these kitchen and bathroom trays. Bamboo, known for its strength and sustainability, brings a natural, relaxed vibe to your space. A wood bathroom tray brings an airy appearance making it versatile for modern or traditional décor.
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    Bathroom Tray Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, we've addressed some common questions about our kitchen and bathroom trays. Please let us know if you need additional information.

    How Many Soap Dispensers Does a Tray Hold?

    A ceramic bottle tray can hold from 1-4 bottles, depending on the style of the tray and the size of the dispensers. If you have one dispenser, a coaster tray may work best. However, since most of our trays can hold multiple bottles, a foaming hand soap dispenser can be displayed next to a lotion dispenser.

    How Can I Ensure My Tray Lasts a Long Time?

    Taking care of your tray involves minimal effort. Avoiding direct sunlight and excessive moisture can prevent damage and extend the life of your tray, especially for bamboo and marble bathroom trays.

    What Makes The Polished Jar Bottles and Trays Unique?

    Our focus on customization and quality sets us apart. Not only do our trays serve a practical purpose, but they also offer an element of style that enhances your space. When paired with our bespoke bottles, the effect is "ahhh" worthy.

    Easily Enhance a Room with a Vanity Tray

    Add a touch of panache with a kitchen or bathroom tray from The Polished Jar. The durability and quality of materials used in our trays provide a lasting beauty that will complement your home for years to come. We also offer kitchen sets that include a tray and a customized soap dispenser. What a charming way to accessorize your room!

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