White and Gold Modern Home Accents

White Kitchen Counter With Gold Faucet and The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers

There are a lot of different trends in home decorating these days. From boho to zen, there’s something for everyone. Sometimes, it’s hard to find something that will fit perfectly in your space. Fortunately, there’s a timeless color combo that works for everyone: white and gold.

In addition to its versatility, white and gold are bright, vibrant colors that accentuate the natural light in your home. This neutral combination will perfectly harmonize with any paint color under the rainbow.

If you’ve been finding that your home isn’t as fresh as it used to be, you’re in luck. Today, we’re going to introduce a few dynamic white and gold pieces to accessorize your space. These carefully curated picks from The Polished Jar will fit anywhere, from your bedroom to your living room, and they’re sure to stand out.


White + Gold Bottle Trays

Stunningly simple yet beautiful and practical, The Polished Jar’s white and gold Alabaster tray is made to hold your glass soap bottles and dispensers. Although intended for use in the bathroom or kitchen, the pure white surface and delicate golden edge can really fit anywhere!

For a chic look in your minimalist living room, you can set this tray in your coffee table. This will make the perfect surface for cutting down on clutter. Instead of junking up your tables and ruining your minimalist design, you can set your knickknacks and assorted items on the plate. You’ll still have easy access to your things, but the unsightly clutter will be neatly contained.

White + Gold Ring Dish

Another handy way to cut down on clutter is a small ring dish. Gold edges set off this catch-all’s refined, plain white body. The design might sound familiar, and that’s because it is! This is the same style as the white ceramic tray we just mentioned. You can put this on top of the tray for a handy bathroom jewelry keeper, or you can keep them separate.

From your class ring to your engagement ring and gold jewelry, all of your little treasures can be safely stored in this dish. If you’re not a jewelry person, that’s fine, too! This is a great spot to keep and gather other items. The central bowl is the perfect place to accumulate loose pocket change, while the plate underneath is a great spot to keep tabs on your keys.

Botanical Ring Dish

If you’re on the market for a smaller, subtler jewelry storage solution, there’s also something for you. Like the other options on this list, the gorgeous white of this piece is accented by a tasteful touch of yellow gold. As a unique twist, however, a black glaze is used to produce a gorgeous imprint of a real leaf!

If you’re looking to pop this little beauty into your bathroom, it’s worth taking a quick peek at The Polished Jar’s gorgeous concrete soap dish. The design incorporates pyramid-shaped ridges, which help dry your soap faster and prolong its life. With three gorgeous colors to choose from—white, gray, and dark gray—there’s a dish for every bathroom.

White + Gold Bottle Dispensers

If you’re still seeking out minimalist home decorating ideas, then you should check out The Polished Jar’s Signature Collection glass soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles. You can pick the size, glass color, finish, and pump color. For a truly stunning look that will never get old, however, you’ll want the white glass and gold pump.

To round off the look, pick up the gorgeous, simple and elegant Ashton ceramic sponge holder. These holders are available in ivory, light grey and azure blue. For a pop of color, pick the most contrasting color to compliment your white and gold decor. This sponge holder is perfect to hold your dish sponge, provide airflow and drainage.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which option you choose, because all of these pieces are gorgeous and timeless. There’s no battle of white gold vs yellow gold here because the real truth is that (at least in the home decorating world) yellow gold sparkles the brightest!

Of course, with how versatile all of these picks are, you can always accessorize even more! Add some rose gold accents around your home to tie everything together or spice up your space with pops of vibrant color. When you start with a canvas as dynamic as white and gold, the only limit is your imagination!

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