What is Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor?

What is Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor? The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispensers and Hand Towel

Have you ever wished your bathroom could be more than the place you brush your teeth at night or take your morning shower? Perhaps you’ve tried a few decoration options but nothing quite “works.” Or maybe you’ve designed the rest of your house from top to bottom but have left your bathroom for last because you’re just not sure what to do with it. 

Bathrooms can easily be overlooked in the design process and, even once you take the time to style them, they can be difficult to perfect.

example of farmhouse bathroom ideas and design

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With a little effort, you can turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house. That’s because the right design choice can turn your bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing oasis; a place you go to truly get away from the stress of the day and enjoy the environment you have created.

Adding Functional Decor To Create A Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern farmhouse decor has become popular lately because it blends trendy modern decor with the comforts of home. What better style for a bathroom than one that blends comfort with function? And, it’s one of the easiest looks to pull off, while still looking sleek, elegant, and extremely fashionable.

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a makeover, modern farmhouse bathroom decor can be gorgeous and functional for everyone, regardless of the style, shape, or size of home you’re working with.

Custom Soap Dispenser For Farmhouse Bathroom Idea

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What exactly is modern farmhouse decor?

Modern farmhouse decor is a mixture of a traditional country look with a more minimal contemporary design. Clean lines, minimalistic style, and a more polished look and feel are trendy in interior design right now. But, why not mix in a few more comforting, cozy elements for the best of both worlds? You don’t have to go full rustic to incorporate some warmer touches to your space.

Modern farmhouse decor embraces modern life while giving it just a bit of rustic flair. This style is all about neutral palettes, smooth, polished lines, and brushed metals. Layers of whites, creams, grays, and splashes of black can create a modern look, while moments of warmth and wood can bring that classic farmhouse tint to your bathroom decor.

Amber Glass Soap Dispenser With Basket In Farmhouse Bathroom

The great thing about this style is that it feels fresh and trendy, while also creating a relaxed, functional, and lived-in space. We get to embrace all the comforts of modern life, while also enjoying just a sprinkle of the old-fashioned. It truly is a design built for those who want just a little bit of everything, while still appearing perfectly polished and totally fashionable.

How to Design Your Modern Farmhouse Decor Bathroom

This unique style can be accomplished in a variety of ways. First and foremost: colors. 

While you might be familiar with the sage greens and buttermilk yellows that are featured in older farmhouse styles, the color palette for modern farmhouse decor is all about neutrals. This keeps your space feeling fresh, clean, and modern.

You might add industrial accents like wooden shelving, iron light fixtures, and brushed metal decor and details, like these glass soap dispensers. These kinds of accents are not only trendy, but they harken back to the machinery used for farming, so they add a nice symbolic touch.

Clear Glass Soap Dispensers in Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Most importantly, however, will be your finishing touches; the decor you use to truly define your space.  Items that blend modern convenience with vintage charm like glass soap bottles or sleek jewelry trays will be the cherry on top of your perfectly designed bathroom.

Use Custom Soap Dispensers As Functional Decor For Your Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

The bathroom accessories you use to define your shelves, vanity, or counter space can truly tie your entire room together. Creating a specific look for your space is all about the items within it. Even if you leave your walls empty or can’t install your ideal fixtures, the functional bathroom items you choose can define the entire decor for you.

Close Up Soap Dispensers in Farmhouse Bathroom Style

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If you’re not ready to dive into full bathroom remodels or your budget doesn’t allow for it, one of the best ways you can define your modern farmhouse bathroom decor is with simple touches like glass soap dispensers and soap bottle trays. Refillable soap dispensers really elevate the space in a way store-bought, disposable soap bottles simply can’t do. They provide a level of personalization and offer the modern touch that defines modern farmhouse decor.

It may not sound like much, but something as simple as the soap dispenser you choose can reshape your entire space. If you’ve always wanted to give your bathroom a unique style and you just haven’t known how to get started, start with your soap dispenser and go from there. You’ll be amazed at how an entire room can come together with just a few small touches -- and adding this kind of accessory gives you a style and a color palette to work from! Before you know it, you’ll have redesigned your entire bathroom all from one tiny moment of inspiration.

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