Luxurious Neutral Kitchen Styling & Decor Ideas

Luxurious Neutral Kitchen Styling & Decor Ideas

The elegant, polished beauty of a neutral kitchen has elevated this color design from a simple trend to something completely timeless. People love neutral kitchens for a great variety of reasons. One beloved element of the neutral kitchen is the clean and timeless aesthetic they have. 

When you choose neutral kitchen decor, small kitchens can feel larger and more open. Additionally, neutral kitchens work amazingly with a variety of different materials. You can go with stainless steel for a chic industrial look, or use natural materials like wood and marble to keep your neutral kitchen feeling fresh and bright.

But perhaps the greatest appeal of the neutral kitchen is the ease with which it can be updated. Neutral kitchen colors are easy to update and decorate around. You can easily pair them with any color scheme or design style or update them with new hardware, finishes, and decor. You don’t have to renovate a neutral kitchen to update it; you can easily add new decor pieces to change the look and feel of the space.

Soap bottle dispensers on tray over kitchen counter

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Neutral Kitchen Colors

Your neutral kitchen color palette doesn’t have to be limited to shades of white, gray, and beige. Soft colors like light blue and sage green are great highlights for a neutral kitchen. You can also use black and white to make a statement without pushing your color palette one way or another.  The decor you choose can also add a bold pop against the rest of the kitchen’s neutral colors. There is no right or wrong way to incorporate neutral colors into your kitchen design.

Neutral Kitchen Decor

The decor you choose for your neutral kitchen can make a big difference in your kitchen’s appearance. No matter what your aesthetic is, there are decor options that will allow you to personalize a neutral kitchen to your heart’s content. Here are some of our favorite neutral kitchen ideas for adding additional interest and personalization to your space.

Soap bottle dispensers on tray next to hand towel

Add A Pop Of Color

Flashes of bright color look amazing when added to a neutral kitchen. An easy way to do this is by changing out the towels by your sink to add some seasonal color, or your favorite color any time of year. The rustic cinnamon color of the Fayette Hand Towel or the sleek orange threading of the Penelope Hand Towel will bring that extra hint of warmth and color to your neutral kitchen.

Bring In Natural Material

The organic texture of natural materials brings an extra dimension to the neutral kitchen. Whether you opt for smooth textures like the warm, bright mango wood of the Grove Soap Tray or a more detailed texture like that of the Savannah Palm Pedestal, natural materials will bring a fun, nature-oriented detail to your neutral kitchen.

Soap bottle dispensers on tray over kitchen counter


Play With Textures

The texture of your decor items can add a lot of visual and tactile interest to your neutral kitchen, especially when those textures contrast with each other. You could pair a smooth, curved glass soap dispenser with the Woven rattan texture of the Savannah Palm Pedestal, or pair the soft acacia wood of the Charlotte Tray with the tough stoneware exterior of the Mika Sponge Holder. No matter what your color palette is, texture is a great way to introduce more visual elements to your neutral kitchen’s design without adding too much or feeling too busy.

Be Thoughtful When Choosing Materials

The material of your decor can change the feel of your neutral kitchen. If you want a more urban, industrial chic feel, concrete is a perfect choice. An Artisan Concrete Tray pairs perfectly with an engraved amber glass soap dispenser and a Concrete Sponge and Soap Tray to give your neutral kitchen a trendy bit of edge. 

Soap bottle dispensers on tray on kitchen counter

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If industrial chic isn’t your thing, you may want to give your kitchen a more luxuriously abundant feel. By using metallic elements and materials like alabaster and marble, you can make your neutral kitchen feel elegant and indulgent with just a few simple touches. Add an Alabaster Tray to your sink, and keep a few White and Gold Ring Dishes on hand to help avoid clutter by providing a place for small items. Place a luxurious dark marble Portico Tray on your kitchen counter, and invest in some milky white glass soap dispensers with metallic finishings to mirror the soft-lit look of marble. 

At The Polished Jar, we want your home to feel totally and completely yours. No matter how you want to style your neutral kitchen, we have the decor elements you need, and our collection of hand-picked, timeless decor will be the perfect finishing touches for your neutral kitchen. 

Soap bottle dispensers on tray on kitchen counter
Picture credit:  @thejoyfilledfarmhouse on Instagram

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